Tesla turns 6

Tesla had a great 6th birthday!¬† It was great to have all my kidlings together.¬† The weather wasn’t too bad….a little chilly.¬† ūüėȬ†¬† Thanks to all who helped make the day special!¬†¬† ~P.


Wanted her hair curled for the party....and make up. ūüėČ


College with your kid

Imagine my surprise when Jarrid told me Thursday he was coming to visit me on Sunday.¬† Since when does he give me notice?!¬† ūüôā

We had lunch at my home and engaged in a deep conversation about the universe, God, the Mayan calendar, supernovas, and more.¬† During this conversation, Jarrid brings up that he has been really thinking about going to college.¬† He talked about getting a degree in graphic design and I told him about classes I’ve already taken in design.¬† It’s one of those conversations parents dream of having with their child.¬† Jarrid has come to realize he didn’t apply himself in high school and now as an adult wants to further his education.¬† Good for him!

After lunch we went to my parents house.¬† Dale, Jarrid, my mom and I all played cards.¬† Dale and I kicked their butts.¬† ūüėȬ† Jarrid talked to my dad (who was surprisingly pleasant) about Zeth who has signed up for active duty in the Army after graduating this year.¬† I brought up Jarrid’s interest in attending college and¬†my parents were happy to hear he wants to enter college.

On the way home we stopped at my sister’s home.¬† Her and Sam are both sick so we didn’t stay long.¬†¬†Tesla finally called and talked to Jarrid and Blaine.¬† Tesla and Blaine are taking gymnastics together tomorrow.

Finally back to my home and Jarrid¬†began asking me all types of questions about York College.¬† I¬†was happy to share my opinion of YCP¬†ranging from the campus, professors, courses and how to apply.¬† I told him to look online at the college website while we¬†were sitting around talking about it.¬† Jarrid looked at the majors offered and said, “I’m going to apply here.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m starting the application now.”

I can’t put into words how¬†happy I¬†¬†would be having Jarrid attend YCP.¬† Actually, when Jarrid told Tesla, she said, “That’s awesome Jarrid!¬† You can go to school with mom!¬† I’m going to go to school there too!”

How freaking cute is that?!?!

Jarrid applied tonight and is going to his high school to get the records transfered tomorrow.¬† I’m proud of him for taking the first step in improving his future.¬† I also think it’s wonderful¬†he wants to attend the same school as his mom.

Cross your fingers for Jarrid to start in the Fall term!


Information about Waffles needed

Two Saturdays ago…. at ¬†12:45 AM, two males entered the apartment of Shawn Warfel and shot him twice while he stood in the kitchen.¬† He has been moved to Johns Hopkins and is still in critical care.

His shooting¬†happened¬†right off a¬†busy street by a Rutter’s Store¬†in RED LION, PA.


If you know anything, call 911.¬† If you don’t want to call the police, please email me, call me,¬†comment…..any leads or information¬†you may have.

This is the original blog post. http://girlboxer1970.com/2012/01/03/shot-in-his-own-kitchen/

Thank you!


Shot in his own kitchen

Shawn Warfel “Waffles” rents an apartment with my son.¬† If anyone knows anything about his shooting, please contact the police.

Thank you!




A Red Lion man is in the hospital after being shot in his home.

Recent Susquehanna Valley Shootings

Shawn Warfel, 20 years old, was in home on the first block of North Main Street when two armed men opened the door and shot into the kitchen. Warfel was struck two times, police say.

Warfel is recovering at York Hospital where he is listed in critical condition.

Neighbors said they were shocked by the violence.

“It is a total surprise. I have never even heard actual gunshots in Red Lion —¬† you know, firecrackers, but not shots,” said resident Rick Mitzel.

Police are continuing to investigate.


York Sunday News article:

A Red Lion man who was shot in his home was in stable condition at York Hospital Sunday afternoon.

Shawn Warfel, 19, of the first block of North Main Street was listed in critical condition when he arrived at the hospital after he was shot early Saturday morning, a hospital nursing supervisor said.

Warfel was in his kitchen when two men with handguns opened the door of the home and fired several shots about 12:24 a.m., according to York Area Regional Police.

Two of the shots hit Warfel, police said.

An officer on patrol in the area saw two people dressed in dark clothing running through a nearby alley about the time of the shooting.

Thinking it suspicious, the officer went to the rear of the first block of North Main Street where he was waived down by people who told the officer that Warfel had been shot, police said.

Investigation: A number of people, including young children, were inside Warfel’s home at the time of the shooting, police said.

No one else was injured during the incident.

Witnesses told police that the men who shot Warfel wearing dark clothing. Witnesses could not see the shooters’ faces, police said.

York Area Regional detectives are investigating the shooting. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 741-1259, or through 911.



2 hours at York County Courthouse

Well, the day finally arrived.¬†¬† Custody hearing was scheduled for 1:30 pm today.¬† This hearing was a “special hearing” and scheduled over a month ago.¬† So much for special.

My son Jarrid¬†was at the courthouse at 1 pm.¬† Dale, Kristin, Kym and I arrived at 1:15.¬† My lawyer, Rob Krug was already there.¬† John was present and had Heather, LaDonna, Diane (first wife) and Todd (step-son) there.¬† I feel a bit bad that he is dragging all these people in to testify.¬† I said hi to Diane and Todd.¬† LaDonna came over and we chatted for a good while.¬† I hadn’t seen her wedding rings in person yet.

Well, I don’t feel bad for Heather.¬† Her testimony should be interesting.¬†¬† Maybe John’s attorney, Doug France won’t have her testify.¬† I didn’t see John’s other attorney, Laurin Kearny.¬† She was ripped up one side and down the other by Judge Dorney during one of the previous hearing.¬† I found it very amusing….

There was no testimony today.  The custody hearing before ours was running way over its scheduled time.  Judge Dorney insisted we wait and finally around 3:30 pm she sent out a note rescheduling for tomorrow at 1:30 pm.  What a wasted day.  I missed classes today, will miss classes tomorrow and lose most of Friday with all this court dates.

How frustrating!¬† So tomorrow, John and crew will take the stand as he is the complainant.¬† Friday myself, Dale and Jarrid will testify.¬† Of course we can recall any of John’s witnesses and question John.

Will keep you posted!!

Thanks for all your messages and visits today!

Back to feeding the meters tomorrow,


Dear Everyone

Hello Everyone! I like this Breast Cancer Awareness picture.

You may know me personally, be a relative or a friend.¬† If you know me,¬†that’s awesome!¬† If not,¬†My parents are Walt and Dolores Crider.¬†¬†I¬†went to Dover School District K-12 years and married Gary Bonawitz.¬† Gary and I have 2 sons, Jarrid who is 19 and Zeth, almost 18.¬† Gary and I have been¬†divorced since 1998, but we are¬†still friends.

Along came Sharon Schwimer into my life.  We became a domestic couple for about two and a half years, then remained friends after the break up.  Sharon (or as I call her Shar) and I had some roughs times, but she is a true friend.

In 2004, by a strange twist of fate, I met John Delauter at Blockbuster video in Dallastown.  We quickly became a couple, he divorced his wife Diane Delauter, now Gieda and I moved in.  A month later, I sold my house.  Three months later, I quit my job with the State and we immediately began to legalize his handyman business into an established moving service.  We were married the day after his divorce was posted in the newspaper.  We had many family members on both sides and I really thought life was going to rock.

It didn’t.¬† In fact, it’s just been rocky since the day we met.¬† I am happy to have met John’s friends and family.¬†¬†¬†Everyone in my life that I am still in touch with is wonderful.¬† The exception would be John’s brother Mike.¬† He’s a real ass clown.¬† (One of his favorite sayings)

My blog is open to anyone who wants to read it.¬† Comments welcome, even if you don’t want to say who you are.¬† Please read my other stories….I know the one about my life is the most entertaining, but I am a student.¬† I need constructive criticism on my writings from other categories¬†than¬†divorce.¬† Hahahahaha!

More weird, funny and shocking blogs to come!  Thanks for reading!



Mi rutina (My routine)

My second Spanish composition….

En la ma√Īana yo quiero ir el parque y jugar el b√©isbol con me hija.¬† Nos
gusta escuchar a las gritas de los ni√Īos mientras ellos juegan el b√©isbol.¬† Yo paso mucho tiempo con me hija en la pincina.¬† Nosotras preferimos nadar en agua
el fresco.  Me hijo trabaja a la pincina y nosotras vamos para ver a ello.

En la tarde, vamos a pasear y compartimos la conversacion.  Nosotras
comemos el helado en el verano.  Yo prefiero el chocolate y ella prefierie la frutilla.  Espero viajar a la playa y tomar el sol.

En la noche yo tengo muchas responsabilidades en la casa.  Yo tengo qué preparar la cena por las familias.  Ellos tienen mucho hambre por el bistec y la langosta.  Nosotros desamos
comer la comida deliciosa.  Después de la cena yo limpio la cocina.  Me familia
mira la television.  Yo prefiero la lectura en el noche.

Mis muchachas van a las monta√Īas conmigo.¬† ¬†¬†Nosotras llegamos en la tarde.¬† Ellas preparan ir de excursion.¬† Las monta√Īas son cerca del r√≠o.¬† Nosotras encuentramos las piedras bonitas.¬† Mi hijo, Jarrid es muy tonto.¬† √Čl tiene mucho miedo ¬†el pez.
Jarrid no le gustan las pecas.

Mi pasatiempo favorito es ser con mi familia.  Yo tengo dos bueno hijos y
una inteligente hija.  Yo escribo electrónico por Jarrid y Zeth a leer.
Nosotros también hablamos por el teléfono celular.   Ellos gusta habla con Tesla todos los días.


Settled In

Moving sucks….and it sucks twice as much when you’re a co-owner of a moving company yet can’t make use of the trucks you personally found online to purchase for¬†your business.

Instead I borrowed my dad’s 1970’s pickup and made multiple trips in that gas guzzling, ancient truck.¬† My sister and I nicknamed it “Big Red” a long time ago.¬† It actually belonged to my first husband’s dad and he sold it to my dad.¬† It’s not nearly as pretty as it used to be as my dad is a terror on vehicles.¬† Just a few weeks ago he backed into my sister’s Ford Focus and put a huge dent in it.¬† Not that he offered to have it repaired…don’t be silly!

So I’m pretty settled in and excited to get Tesla this afternoon.¬† She’s already seen the house but now that her room is set up she will be twice as excited.¬† I changed my address and have to wait for that to come in the mail so I can finish registering her for kindergarten.¬† It will be awesome to be in school myself while she is just starting.¬† My world revolves around her and I miss her so much when she’s away.

Everything I do is for her and she knows that.¬† Spoiled, perhaps a little, but isn’t that what kids are for?¬† Jarrid¬†and Zeth are going to my parents this weekend to visit and I want them to come check out my new digs.¬† It’s close to everything, yet back in the woods on a road no one has ever heard of.¬† The only downside is I can’t let Ying¬†run loose like he was used to because there are too many other dogs in the neighborhood and he will want to visit.¬† He was picked up once by the police for jay walking on Market Street when I lived in East York.¬† It cost $50 to get him released from the dog catcher!¬† Fortunately, the backyard is fenced in for Tesla and Ying so they still can run around and play.

Things are looking up and I am in good spirits.¬† Summer classes start in a week and I’m anxious to get back at the books.¬† On an even better note, with all the stress with divorce, custody, moving, etc….I received a letter from York College, I made the Dean’s List!!!¬† Woohoo!!!¬† Nothing and no one can keep me down!!


Magical Mothers Day

Blaine and Tess


I may have had the best Mother’s Day ever. Zeth spent the weekend¬†and went to¬†church with his Aunt Suz, Blaine,¬†Pap and¬†Gramma in the morning. When they came home,¬†Zeth said he¬†was making¬†me breakfast. I requested eggs and toast from the invisible menu and a wee bit later, I had three well cooked “dippy” eggs and cold toast with way to much margarine.¬† I happily ate it anyway, honored he wanted to cook for me.¬† Jarrid¬†met up with us in York and we hit the Mother’s Day street fair.¬† Blaine and Tess chowed down on the Famous Bricker’s french fries then had a blast in the bounce houses.¬† All that walking from one bounce house to another left their stocking feet black, but oh well, that’s what bleach is for.

We walked around long enough to get a slight sunburn, about three hours.¬† Stopped for some ice cream and headed back home.¬† At home all of us bowled with kid’s plastic bowling pins and….a golf ball.¬† I discovered just how well golf balls bounce on cement today.¬† When I tossed it to Tess and she missed, it hit her on the top lip.¬† A few tears were shed, but she’s tough like her mom and forgot¬† about it quickly.

Our neighbor texted and invited us over for a cook out.¬† In the country the word neighbor is used loosely.¬† We don’t really have a “next door” neighbor out here, so if you’re within 5 miles, you are a neighbor.¬† We piled into two cars and drove about 5 minutes to a farm.¬† There we enjoyed hotdogs, hamburgs, salad and risking our lives on four wheelers and a gator.¬† My son managed to get the gator stuck in the mud while Suz¬†was videotaping the ride.¬† I will have to post it because it is hilarious.¬† Think Dumb and Dumber¬†with four-wheel drive….

New peeps arrived on the farm today

More people showed up, including the infamous Jerry that was a hot topic of discussion earlier.¬† Jerry took 3rd at Susquehanna Speedway¬†Saturday night, but forgot to have his car weighed and¬†checked after the race.¬† He¬†was officially¬†disqualified, losing¬†his placing, the $150 prize, and the 5 points earned towards qualifying.¬† I didn’t know who he was at the time but I laughed along with everyone else¬†for¬†his stupid mistake.¬† When Jerry showed up for the cookout and I discovered this dodo is my second cousin.¬† Small world gets smaller everyday.¬†

Around eight we drove 5 minutes back home.¬† My day wasn’t quite over yet as Zeth needed to go back to his dads for¬†school in the morning.¬† Now…. I’m sitting down relaxing;¬†reflecting how wonderful my Mother’s Day was.¬† I am blessed to have 3¬†healthy, happy¬†children who love and enjoy spending their time with me.¬† Life is wonderful and I live each day embracing it.¬†

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there.¬† I hope your day was as wonderful as mine!


Tesla turns 5

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Tesla turned 5 on Easter Day.¬† We had a little party and egg hunt to celebrate.¬† Where does time go?¬† She is growing up so fast!¬† Then there are her brothers, who will never grow up.¬† Zeth wound up on the ground…the very wet, muddy ground. ūüôā


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