Girl in a glance

She stretches out in her chair.
Long, lean legs, feet draped in sandals.
Ivory leather weaving in and out of her toes.
Soft from wear, intricate knots holding fast.
Her piggies so cute….painted dark green.
Shiny, sexy…I try not to stare.

She crosses her legs, beginning a rhythmic rocking to unheard music.
Wiggling her toes..inviting for horsey rides.
Expertly shaven, they beg for touch.
A test for smoothness and search for skipped hairs.

Denim cut-offs, short but not Daisy in style.
Frayed on the end, pocket tips peak out at the bottom.
Belted at her waist, silver rivets in double rows wrapped-round in cotton.

Brilliant orange t-shirt, long-sleeve, tightly fitting her form.
Breasts beg for attention, not caring if she agrees.
Tiny buttons, open -inviting a glance.
A deep V forged, tantalizing….forbidden.

Ponytail -barely there.
Wisps of dirty blonde hair escape or were never captured.
Limp curls frame her face.
Clean and clear….natural beauty.

Eyes of brown, bright and alert.
Button nose with slight flare.
Balanced lips, quick to smile.
Perfect ears punctuated with piercings.
Tiny stones glinting- with the rocking of her sandaled foot and shiny toes.

Wooden books and plastic crayons

Fill those wrinkles with cream cheese,

Fart popsicles if you please.

Hold the yoke, let out the choke, more bad news: Bill Gates is broke.

Poke an elbow in the zebra’s eye, lift his tail for shoe-fly pie.

Crack the lizard to prepare for a blizzard.

Hide under the stump, give a good hump, more bad news: I’ve grown a bump.

Nothing is real, the world is fake.

Swallow the light bulb out of the Eazy Bake.

Your crutch and spew

Save your breath I don’t want to hear you speak there is nothing you can say that will ever save the day.

You wanted your piece of pie then shouted out your mean goodbye now I don’t cry.

My world cannot crumble even when I fumble you’re so out of touch because I was your crutch.

Kiss my ass I don’t need you no one does or ever will don’t believe me I won’t care.

Raise your hand you can’t hurt me now I don’t miss you not then not now.

You didn’t complete me for I needed no one to make me whole.

I have God my children my family and my friends who will stick by me until the end.

One day you will find yourself alone sitting at the table spewing out your hate and blame in your clueless mind frame.

Poem by a Psycho

Wrote during Psychology Class

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