From Stauffer’s to Hake’s to abandoned

If you lived in Dover, drove through Dover or heard of Dover, you surely know of the little store on Route 74 that was convenient to pick up needed items.

As a teen, I rode my bicycle to Stauffer’s Grocery and as an adult, I made many stops at Hake’s, often for a Smittie’s soft pretzel and a pint of Rutter’s chocolate milk.

Now the little store is closed, abandoned in my opinion.  I held my camera over the fence to see what condition the pool might be in.  I would say the pool condition is ideal for disease carrying mosquitoes, and a health risk for everyone in the area.

Not good.  ~P.

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We love you, Dover, PA

My little sister Sue in front of Pap's tractor.

My little sister Sue in front of Pap’s tractor.

Dover is my hometown.  Yeah, call me a farmer girl, I don’t mind.

No, I didn’t ride a tractor to school.  I don’t think my grandfather would have allowed it.  We weren’t even allowed on the tractor with him; only permitted to follow behind the plow, to gather night-crawlers for fishing.

My love for Dover gave me the desire to start a Dover, PA Facebook page.  This link will take you to the page.  Be sure to click the like button on the page to get postings on your Facebook wall.

I have fond memories of riding my bicycle all over rural Dover, never once feeling concerned for my safety.  Dover made me feel safe then, and still does today.

The country roads were endless and my youthful energy kept me riding daily during the summer.  Sometimes, a group of us would hang out at Rohler’s Assembly of God.  We all knew the pastor’s son Ron, our classmate, and spent hours riding in circles at the church, sometimes to Dillon’s farm to watch the cows or over to Crone’s farm to eat strawberries off the plants.  On Rohler’s Church Road we would eat apples and peaches…probably the healthiest part of our diets we just picked as we road bikes.

I had so many friends that still hold true, since we met at Dover Elementary School in 1976 and continued through graduation at Dover High School in 1989.  One highlight of my childhood was my Sweet 16 birthday party.  My parents held it at Rohler’s picnic grounds (or the pavilion as we called it) and it was fantastic.  Click the first thumbnail to open the gallery.

My friends are what makes Dover special to me. ~P.



New Career for YOU


A friend from high school named Ken had this as his status.  I just loved it!

Thinking about a new career.

I want to make moonshine for the Amish Mafia to sell to the Dance Moms and Real Housewives for money to bid on storage units to find items to Pawn to bankroll my Bigfoot expeditions in the Alaskan frontier where I will flip houses and build motorcycles.

I couldn’t work in Duck Dynasty because it would be a conflict of interest since I am supporting the SI for the president campaign.


Grady’s Memorial Service

A celebration of Barbara Grady’s life was held at Dover High School on Saturday, September 29th.

Laurie Heyer, Barb’s life friend of 32 years opened the service sharing how Barb touched her life in countless ways.

Dover High School principal, Bill Reinking, spoke next sharing his tale of starting at Dover in 1983 and Grady telling co-workers she knew him.  He had been her teacher in Intermediate School.  She remembered him, but he didn’t remember teaching her.

Kent James spoke next as Barb’s former student, coach and eventual co-worker and close friend.  He shared the story of his senior trip at Dover to the Poconos with Grady, and metal shop teacher, Mr. Harmon, as chaperons.  The students were asked to leave the resort early, and each walked by Grady with their head down as she gave them her “look” while shaking her head in disgust.  In the 1990’s James and Grady went on many adventures together.  Their trip to Costa Rica amazed the pair with active volcanoes, rain forests, natural spas, zip lines and monkeys swinging from trees.  They spent some time on the beach where Sports Illustrated had done a swimsuit photo shoot.  Barb was pestered to do her best swimsuit model pose and her response to their delight was “over my dead body.”  The highlight of the beach for her was the Miller Light, “buy one-get on- free” cabana.

James is also holding a 5K walk/run in honor of Grady on September 22, 2013 with the proceeds going to the Ovarian Cancer fund.  Anyone interested in participating can contact James at

Ashleigh Rhinert called Grady “a force of nature” who coached her when she was a student on the volleyball team.  It was the passion Grady brought to volleyball that inspired Rhinert to become a physical education teacher and volleyball coach in Red Lion.  Reinert also coaches the cheerleaders and finds that Grady continues to impact people.  Only now it’s through Rhinert’s coaching, and believes Grady “lives on through our lives.”

Sonya Guyer spoke about Grady being a person who was there for each and every student.  Guyer now, as a coach and teache,r strives to model her life with students after Grady’s ability to touch every person’s life and make them feel special.

The Dover High School Choir group “Renaissance” performed two songs dedicated to Grady, “In Remembrance” and “Benediction.”

Cassi Ney, an English teacher at Dover stated, “The simple and respectful acknowledgement from another human being goes a long way to the students in Barb’s life” and Ney wishes she had a laugh track of Grady she could play over and over when she needs a lift in life.

Bobbie Mitzel Strausbaugh came to Dover in 1986 and was the assistant coach to Grady.  Strausbaugh learned quickly that Grady’s goal was to major on people-her to do list was to make you feel like #1-and make a difference in others lives while we still have time.  Grady was also Strausbaugh’s Maid of Honor, after setting Strausbaugh up on a successful blind date.  Grady wore a dress, heels, and hose, sporting a fancy hairdo, but insisted on being called the Best Woman.

Michael Grady, the younger brother of seven Grady siblings, was touched by the Tweet campaign that helped his sister get through her last days.  The messages touched Grady and her entire family with overwhelming support during the difficult end time.  A few miscellaneous facts that others may not have known about his sister: she started at Dover as the football coach and athletic trainer, she played guitar, climbed several mountains, including Mt Washington, backpacked through Tasmania, and one arm was shorter than the other.  That shorter arm was the result of rough play with her brother Bill and her refusal to tell their parents, for fear of getting in trouble.  Grady loved Tab and Fresca and when she learned they were going to discontinue it, she stacked cases in her office to the ceiling.  Her favorite saying was if she won the lottery was she would start “Grady’s girls gym” and wouldn’t have to share it with boys.

A video highlighting Grady’s life from childhood through her amazing accomplishments as a teacher and coach was shown.  The video brought many (including myself) to tears.

Grady’s little sister, Cori, (the spitting image of Barb) closed the memorial service.  Cori thanked those attending and pointed out how one person can touch the lives of so many people.  Barb taught at Dover High School for 32 years, reaching several generations in the Dover school district.  “Barbra’s gift of always finding the good in people is a legacy that we all should carry on.  She would want us all to move through our lives striving to be ‘the best’ we can be.”

A memorial fund is being established in Barbara Grady’s name to support the students and school she loved so much.  Contributions can be made to:

Dover Dollar for Scholars

c/o York County Community Foundation

14 W Market Street York, PA 17401

or online at  Please designate Grady Memorial Fund

Barbara Grady  March 25, 1956 – September 2, 2012

Don’t cry because it is over.  Smile because it happened.  ~Dr. Seuss

Rest in Peace Ms. Grady.  Teachers like you touch the life of every student lucky enough to cross your path.


Barb Grady, beloved volleyball coach and teacher, died Sunday – The York Daily Record

Memorial service for Barbra Grady will be September 29th at 2 PM at Dover High School.

Grady was the coolest of cool teachers.  She told us students we could call her Grady but if administration was around, call her Ms. Grady.

She hung out with us in the mornings for breakfast and no one felt like she was “babysitting” until homeroom.

We were encouraged to make an attempt at all the sports in her gym class and never made to feel inferior if we sucked ass.

She laughed with us and lent a shoulder when we needed to cry.

Grady…..your enthusiasm for life, sports and lifting the spirits of high school students will be greatly missed.  You were more than just a teacher, you were our friend.

One morning she saved me from certain embarrassment.  My brother Joe had pinned a pig’s tail on the back of my jean jacket after the yearly pig slaughter on my grandparent’s farm.  Grady stopped me in the hall and asked what the heck was on my back.  Removing the tell tail, I explained and we laughed between the two of us as I thanked her from saving me from certain ridicule.

God Bless and rest in peace Grady.  You were a shining star in the halls of great Dover High!


Barb Grady, beloved volleyball coach and teacher, died Sunday – The York Daily Record.

Go see the Principal

What’s the worst thing a teacher can say to a student?  Go to Principal “Doe’s” office.  That statement strikes fear in all students.

I remember in Dover Middle School,  getting caught with chewing gum in my mouth by Mr. Gohn, not once but twice.  He told me to put the gum on the end of my nose.  This was 7th grade I believe and there was no way in hell I was putting gum on the end of my nose and setting myself up for ridicule by my classmates.  OH HELL NO!  So I refused and Mr. Gohn said, “You have two options, put the gum on your nose or go to Principal Keller’s office.”  I stood up and said, “I’ll go to the office.”  Mr. Gohn paused and said “really?” and I replied, “yes.”   He raised his hands up and said, “well, ok then, go.”

I went to the office and was given detention that afternoon.  Ironically, the assistant principal was on detention duty that day and told us to leave as soon as he walked in the door.  Score one for team Pattie.

Now today was different.  I was told to go see the principal because….I now have to follow Canadochly Elementry school’s 6 day cycle and can only volunteer on day 6, after noon.  For the past three weeks, I had been volunteering in Tesla’s class one day a week on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.  Ms. Dettinger and I would get in touch and decide a day that worked with my college classes.  Keep in mind, there are parents that come in everyday.   While the children were at music class, Ms. Dettinger asked me out to the hall.  She explained I can come in on day 6 and John can come on day 3.

I started to cry in the hall.  What kind of bullshit is this?  I can’t volunteer in my daughter’s class now because John called the office and laid down some strict schedule for when I can come in.  I see no reason for this restriction.  John has not volunteered in Tesla’s room so far this year.  If he can only make time on “Day 3 after noon” that is his scheduled time and I would respect that.  It should not cause me to lose time in Tesla’s classroom just because he isn’t going on any other days.
Adding salt to my wound, I learn Tesla has not done her homework for the past two days.  My head felt like it was going to rupture.  Why the hell isn’t Tesla getting her homework done?  John won’t let me see Tesla after school, pick her up from school or let me do homework with her.   Yet he isn’t doing homework with her!  How is this happening?  He states I can’t get Tesla after school because she has a strict schedule (and he isn’t allowing me to be part of it.)  Apparently homework isn’t making the schedule either.

I’ll be seeing the principal very soon and getting to the bottom of this.

With a tablet and pencil in hand,


Wolf Heart Fund

My best friend from middle school has a very sick husband.  They are struggling to make ends meet by selling off their possessions, including her wedding rings.

Dawn has been an awesome friend since we were about 13 years old.  Some friends come and go, others remain in your life forever.  Dawn is the forever type of friend.

Here is Dawn’s story about her husband Scott.  If you are touched by her story, please consider helping them by using this link I created.  Wouldn’t you want your friends to help you, if you were down and out?

It began in June of 2005…

He was having very bad abdominal pains, so I rushed him to the Hanover
Hospital ER thinking it was his appendix.  A CAT scan did not show a problem with his appendix, but the doctor said that Scott’s blood work was not right.  The nurse drew more blood and we waited.

The doctor came back and by this time Scott had enough waiting.  He
was begging to smoke a cigarette.   This made the doctor mad and he told Scott to go home.   If he still had pain in the morning I was to take him to our family doctor.

The next day he was still in pain, so we made an appointment with his family doctor and he saw him the same day.  After looking at Scott’s blood results, Dr. Ton asked why he was not admitted into the hospital.  I told what happened the previous day and Dr. Ton was amazed.   He was referring Scott to an oncologist and Scott never should have left the hospital the day before.  It would take the oncologist about 2 weeks to
get Scott in for an appointment which was fine with us, but we were worried.

Our concerns were realized as we were leaving Dr Ton’s office.  A nurse from the oncologist’s office called and told us to get to Hanover Hospital as soon as possible.   Scott needed a phlebotomy.   I was like…okay.  I had no clue what that was at the time, but boy do I know now!

Dr. Mohan had him scheduled for phlebotomies for 5 days straight.  If you don’t know what a phlebotomy is, let me enlighten you.  A doctor drains a pint of blood out of you.
Normally a person can only give a pint of blood every 6-8 weeks but Scott needed to have a pint a day for at least 5 days straight.

Within a week the oncologist, Dr. Mohan, was able to get Scott an appointment.  She was baffled and had no clue to what was wrong.  All she knew was Scott had way
too many red blood cells and she needed to get them out. A bone marrow biopsy
was performed and another test where they drew a test tube of blood, mixed it with
radioactive dye then injected it back into his veins. I cried while they did
this because I could see on Scott’s face how much it hurt.

The next 3 months were terrible.  Scott had just started a job, but was unable
to work until the doctor cleared him.  We had no income except my babysitting pay and that was not much.  The company he worked for was awesome and held his job for him.  They also did a fundraiser for us and the company owner wrote us a check for $2500.   The office staff raised about $100 and donated lots of food.

Scott was finally diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera.  This is a rare blood condition affecting bone marrow and over-producing red blood cells.  It is also pre-stage leukemia.

In 2006, Scott had a Deep Venous Thrombosis (blood clot) in his left calf.
Next, a mini-stoke in 2009 followed by him passing out at work.  Our family doctor sent him to a neurologist for tests but those came back normal. The doctors were stumped  and started more tests to figure out the problem.

In September of 2010 our family doctor sent him to Gettysburg
Hospital for an echocardiograph.  She figured we would start working our way down his body until she could figure the problem out.   We arrived at the hospital
on Oct 1st at 9 am.  We were told the echo would only take about 20 minutes and we would get the results from his family doctor in 2 days.  I sat in the waiting room with 3 toddlers under the age of 3 for over an hour.

The waiting room door opened and a doctor asked me to come with him.  I told him I
couldn’t because I had 3 toddlers and no stroller.  We went into the hall and he proceeded to tell me that Scott has a large mass growing inside his heart and he needed to
go to York Hospital NOW!!!!!

It took me two hours to get from Gettysburg Hospital to York Hospital that day.
Imagine a frazzled woman with a sick husband and three toddlers trekking
across the county.  Not a pretty sight.

Sometime after 7 pm Dr. Taylor came and explained that Scott had a golf ball size mass growing on his mitral valve. The doctor had no clue if it was a blood clot, a tumor, or just deposits of an infection. So again we waited, this time all weekend.

On Monday, Scott had a heart catheter done to make sure there were no surprises when the doctor went into his heart.  Scott’s open-heart surgery was scheduled for Tuesday
early in am.  That time frame came and went.   Then it was scheduled for Tuesday
afternoon….that came and went also.  Next, it was scheduled for Wednesday early in the morning, but again was rescheduled for Wednesday mid-morning.  Finally they came to prep him for pre-op and then they wheeled him away.  Again, I waited and waited.

He was placed in open-heart intensive care unit and Dr. Taylor came to tell me how it went.  He said it was a blood clot and he also discovered a hole in Scott’s heart, so he fixed that too.  All along, I had thought Scott only had a hole in his head.

Scott’s nurse told me to go home and get much needed sleep.  I had slept on a
chair beside Scott’s bed from Friday until Wednesday.  I arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am Thursday and walked into 3 doctors, multiple  nurses and all kinds of machines.  A nurse took me from the room and told me to sit, “A doctor will be over to talk to you shortly.”

Never believe that line from a nurse.  A doctor never came and when
everyone left his room I ran in to see what was going on.  Scott’s ICU nurse said that he had trouble breathing in the middle of the night and they had to put him on a bypass
machine.  Eventually I learned his right lung had collapsed.

Scott was sent home on October 12th with 13 medications and on oxygen.  A
visiting nurse came to our home every day for 4 weeks.  On November 9th we went for his 4 week follow-up appointment with the surgeon.  This appointment did not go well.         Dr. Sheers listened to Scott’s heart and immediately sent him for an echocardiograph at
Gettysburg Hospital.  After the echo, a “white coat” (as Scott calls them) came into the room (this is never a good sign) and told us to go back to Dr. Sheers for an explanation.

We went back to Dr. Sheers office and he met us at the door.  We were told to
go to York Hospital NOW!!!!  Boy, that was way too familiar.  Now what?????

We’re at York Hospital now and a nursing assistant told us that his heart rate was 204.  He needed to relax and get into bed. (Relax? Oh sure, no problem) A doctor came in later and
explained that Scott had fluid building up around his heart and the fluid was
crushing it.

The next day we went for another heart surgery, his third within 5 weeks.  After his surgery I went in to see him and was surprised he was awake, and very mad. He told me that he was conscious for the surgery.  I nodded and thought he was on some good drugs and was talking crazy. What surgeon would do heart surgery when the patient is awake?!

Later that day Scott’s heart surgeon, Dr. Taylor, came in the room and sat down with us. I immediately began to worry because Dr. Taylor never sits. He proceeded to tell us that he was sorry he had to do most of the surgery while Scott was awake.  I almost fell out of my chair. WHAT?????? He explained when they tried to intubate him, he flat-lined.   Thinking fast, Dr. Taylor pulled the tube out of Scott’s mouth did CPR.  Once Scott was conscious and breathing he cut him open and put the tubes in to drain the fluid around his heart. Afterwards, they intubated him so they could shock his heart back into rhythm.

The next day, his chest started to fill with fluid and his right lung collapsed again.
He was at York Hospital from November 9th to the 18th was sent home on oxygen again.  He was taken off of oxygen in January of 2011.  On March 25th we were out with some friends for dinner and a little dancing (for me not Scott.)  Suddenly our friend came to me and said something was wrong with Scott.  I ran to him and he was visibly in pain, holding his chest and gasping for breath.  I called 911 and friends got him out to our truck.  One of our friends, an EMT, did what he could until the ambulance arrived.

At the ER they did test after test. Thankfully, it was NOT a heart attack, but he had an episode of AFib.  He was admitted and cardiologist, Dr. Schuler, came to see him the next day and telling him he needed to wear an event monitor for 21 days.  When we went for his appointment with Dr. Schuler he told us Scott had a Supravascular Tachycardia SVT and
needed another heart surgery.  This would make his 4th surgery in less than a year, on a 39 year old man!

Scott was on short-term disability from September 10th until May off 2011.  He still
had 4 weeks left but he wanted to go back to work.  Dr. Schuler said it was ok for now and that he would schedule the surgery when Scott was ready.  On June 30 2011, Scott’s boss came to him and said the township was out of money and making cut backs in all the departments.  We have found out since that NO other departments had cut backs and no one else lost their job.  Things that make you go hmmmmmm!

On Sept 19 2011, Scott had his 4th heart surgery in 11 months and he is doing ok. We were told that because of all of his ER visits the past 2 weeks and his surgeries; Unemployment Compensation feels he is unemployable.  Scott has been the moneymaker in our
family for as long as we have been together (17 years) and now I am trying to
figure out what to do.  I still do child care in our home, but I only make $60 per week.  I cannot get a “real” job because then Scott will lose his medical assistance and we cannot have that.  He needs medical insurance and I have to take him to his appointments, which are quite often.  We applied for SSI back in August and as we all know, that takes forever.

For now, we just sit here worrying and waiting, trying to sell pretty much everything we
own to pay our bills.  We have some great friends and family that have helped us with what they can.  I cannot thank them enough!

Dawn Wolf

Thank you Dawn, for sharing your story.  A big thank you to those who have already made a donation to the Wolf family through this link.  Scott is one tough bird and he is greatly loved.  Please keep the Wolf family in your prayers.

Showing heart,


$1.00 deal

Dale, Tesla and I went to yards sales this morning.  Our first stop was the one Jody Riley Geiger mentioned on her Facebook status. 

Dale bought all the Transformer toys she had for his son.  Drew will be ecstatic!  Jody’s neighbor had a massive collection of Playdoh and accessories and only wanted $1.00 for all of it.  A few were dried up, but the rest were ready to play with. 

Here are a few of Tesla and my creations.

shrunk vampire head

Arms for Ears

T for Tesla

My aspiring artist


TT and I did this one together


Hippy Doh


You just can’t go wrong spending a buck on Playdoh.  Tesla and I love it!!
P.S. The funniest part of our yard sale trip was Dale telling me I should check out all the jeans Jody had for sale.  I said “I’ll never fit into Jody Riley’s jeans!”  and Jody said, “Jody Riley doesn’t even fit into Jody’s jeans!”  Haha….that was a good one.  Even better, once we got back to the truck Dale said to me, “You should have bought a pair” and I said “Why? They would never fit” and the funny man that he is replied, “No, but then you could finally say you got in Jody’s pants!”  LMAO!!  My man is a funny one! 
If you don’t get why that funny, read this old blog…

The Hellbound Heart

I just received my reading/movie assignment for Literature of Terror class.  The list to pick from was huge so I decided to pick an author I recognized, other than Stephen King.  King is the most popular pick in this class and only one student could choose a King novel.  I didn’t want to be that person.

I recognized the name Clive Barker from my highschool years reading “Fangoria” and “Gorezone” magazines with Brian Brillhart and Scott Rouscher.  Horror movies appealed to me back in my teens, now they just give me nightmares.


I did some research on Clive Barker and his novel “The Hellbound Heart” to find out what movie would tie in.  I’m not sure why I chose this title out of all Barker’s books other than it seemed to ring a bell in my life. 

To my surprise it was a movie I saw back in highschool, at a marching band party.  I had only watched it with one eye open and ran out when things became very bloody.  The movie I’ll be watching again, 24 years later, writing a report and giving an oral presentation…

Now all I have to do is find it on DVD and keep both my eyes open!

Nightmare prone,



Skinny Dipping

Flashback to the late 80’s in West York.  I spent quite a bit of my summer in West York at Dawn Fidler’s (Wolf) grandmother’s house.  A nearby neighbor was Lewis (Skip) Crone.  Dawn introduced me to Skip and he hung out or rode bikes with us.

Skip and I had a brief confrontation one day.  I don’t remember what it was about but he pushed me over on my bike.  That really pissed me off!  I jumped up and punched him in the stomach.  He made a slight “umpf” sound and bent over a bit, covering his bellybutton area with his hands.  After that we got a long just fine.  Perhaps too fine.

In my journal dated July 5, 1988 I wrote:

Skip called me about 11 AM (I was in West York with Dawn) and invited me over to swim.  I went to his house and swam for a while.  His mom left shortly after and he asked me to skinny dip.  We did and that’s the second time I ever went and was is the first time in broad daylight.  I think he wanted to do it in his pool, but I didn’t.  Wt went inside his house then and he wanted to do it in his room.  I said no because I wanted my first time to be with Phil Grim.  Skip said “ok” but wasn’t to happy about it.   ~P.

This was also the first “live” penis I ever saw….LMAO

That is so funny and cute to me.  Even funnier is, Skip’s wife is sitting here at the table with me.  Love ya Kymmie!

Oh, the silly things in my journals,


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