Barb Grady, beloved volleyball coach and teacher, died Sunday – The York Daily Record

Memorial service for Barbra Grady will be September 29th at 2 PM at Dover High School.

Grady was the coolest of cool teachers.  She told us students we could call her Grady but if administration was around, call her Ms. Grady.

She hung out with us in the mornings for breakfast and no one felt like she was “babysitting” until homeroom.

We were encouraged to make an attempt at all the sports in her gym class and never made to feel inferior if we sucked ass.

She laughed with us and lent a shoulder when we needed to cry.

Grady…..your enthusiasm for life, sports and lifting the spirits of high school students will be greatly missed.  You were more than just a teacher, you were our friend.

One morning she saved me from certain embarrassment.  My brother Joe had pinned a pig’s tail on the back of my jean jacket after the yearly pig slaughter on my grandparent’s farm.  Grady stopped me in the hall and asked what the heck was on my back.  Removing the tell tail, I explained and we laughed between the two of us as I thanked her from saving me from certain ridicule.

God Bless and rest in peace Grady.  You were a shining star in the halls of great Dover High!


Barb Grady, beloved volleyball coach and teacher, died Sunday – The York Daily Record.


  1. Do you remember when she bought that yugo? It was the one and only I’d ever seen….I liked miss Grady a lot…big change from Mrs. Fickus…

  2. I loved her she was awesome! R.I.P. Grady you will be missed by many. My prayers go out to her family and friends.

  3. I vaguely remember the pig tail incident lol. Oh how brothers can be!

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