Flooding in York County PA

It’s been raining for two days and the streams and creeks have breached their banks….and it’s STILL RAINING!!!

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Flooding in York County

Just driving 3/10 of a mile from home and the road was closed.  People just ignored the road closed sign and cones across Carlisle Road.


The basement is dry

they float


new meaning to car wash


Tee Time


Mill was built for the water to pass underneath


Coolers, gas cans, propane tanks...Oh my!


Bird Down

Bird #2


almost to the bridge

The bridge on Carlisle Road over the Little Conewago. 

Detter's Mill Bridge over The Conewago Crick...I mean creek.


My favorite Bridge #209 at Beaver Hole. 


I had to walk across a field because Bull Road to Beaver Hole was flooded.

The log was in the way


No lane bridge


Bridge 209 has serious foundation issues

I was told the bridge would be repaired this summer.  Now I think York County is just waiting for it to collapse.

Pinchot Park Boat Mooring Area


No one will be fishing from the dock

Couldn't get to the benches

 This is normally a little peninsula.

No picnics today

 Stay safe everyone….no driving through the closed roads!
It’s still raining,

When will it rain?

A better, more appropriate question would be “when will it stop raining?”

Actually, I’m not complaining.  I don’t mind rain in the least.  Imagine if all this rain were snow!  It could be the beginning of the Snowpocolypse.  About 15 years ago

I said to a friend of mine, “what if instead of flooding the earth again, it just didn’t stop snowing?”  My Jehovah’s Witness friend laughed while we watched the snow fall out the window.  Now I hear there is an end of days rumor by way of snow.

There is water slowing trickling into my garage.  I just sweep it back outside with a broom.  That is much easier than the “shop vac” or “subpump” method I’ve used in the past.  I’m thankful nothing is going to be ruined in the garage.  Everything is either in a plastic bin or stacked on chairs along the wall.  I see no reason to flee this home due to flooding, mold or mildew.

Well, I better get ready for classes.  I didn’t make Square Dancing this morning.  Ridding the garage of water was my priority and wet sneakers on the gym floor was not appealing.  Imagine 40 pairs of wet shoes squeaking to the tune of “Beer Barrel Polka.”  Yeah, gonna pass.

I wonder how Beaver Hole Bridge is holding up.  I haven’t been there in months.  The county was scheduled to repair the falling down bridge this summer.  Should I think believe that York County actually got around to it?

Grab your floaties,



gaping wounds and punctured tires

Keeping up the bridge at Beaver Hole must be a challenge.  The wear and tear on this structure is catching up to York County quickly.  This photo was taken March 17, 2011.

Just two months later and several fierce storms the side of the bridge looked like this..

and my coffee cup had room to spare!!  The county is aware of the condition of this bridge and has emailed me that it will be repaired this summer.  I am hoping its early summer versus late as the mortar and now stone, is just falling away.

big bread, little fish

 While standing on the bridge, feeding the fish, I noticed the concrete was eroding away where the road and bridge connect.  Upon closer inspection I see the rebar is sticking out of the crack.  Not just showing, but actually sticking out with pointed edges, waiting to puncture a tire.

tire hazard

As you can see in the picture, the crack is large and the metal sticking out is plenty long enough to puncture a tire.

Where the Beavers roam

Travelers on the Bull Road beware….if the bridge doesn’t collapse on you, it may just take a bite of your tire instead!

On a good note…..someone loves Judy!


The Conewago Floods

Tesla, Suz, Zeth and I drove to the Conewago Creek to check out the flood situation.  We confirm; it flooded.  🙂  Pictures are from Kunkle’s Mill Bridge (the little calf houses floated down the road, someone’s dock drifted by)  Boring Bridge Road (my Redneck Art stop sign blew over) and Beaver Hole Bridge or as my daughter calls it “Our Bridge” because we love it there! 

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