Looner Study: What I learned from liking balloons


I did an interview with Practitioner’s TV about balloons. This YouTube channel is out of Philadelphia and came to visit me to learn about what looners are and balloon & latex fetishism, based on a paper I wrote while in York College of PA in May of 2012. I agreed to the interview because I was promised the show was to promote acceptance rather then ostracize those who love balloons. The interview will be release this Thursday, June 22, 2017.

I have never shared the results of my questionnaires with anyone other than my professor and people who submitted responses and wanted to see the final thesis paper. I decided to share the paper now that the episode was coming out so people could see the full study along with the interview and the awesome song written by Dave DeHart of They & Them. Here is the link to the song he wrote based on the interview.

<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2qNkOfwVLU&t=179s <—–Looner theme song written by Dave about my love for balloons.

Below are the links to my thesis paper for my professional writing class. I received a perfect score though she teased me I did miss some commas. 🙂

Complete Looner study   <—–PDF version

Complete Looner study <—–Word Doc version

Here is the link to my YouTube channel where I enjoy making videos for other people. They’re just me being silly, and blowing up balloons, and popping them. Either you’re into watching (or hearing) them or you’re not. It’s all good. I rarely make a video anymore, but I still think balloons are awesome.



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Here’s the episode!!


There may be other links through the balloon tags on my blog site that don’t work. I had to delete tons of photos of balloons I had because I didn’t have space. 😦

Smell that Latex

My top 10 picks of pool toys I’d like to own (never mind I don’t have a pool) because I find them sexy.  The look, the feel, the smell…it’s not cotton. ~P.

A looner pointed out that these toys are actually vinyl, which I did know, but was afraid vinyl would make people think of smelling the siding on their home.

Why Balloons?

Balloon appeal graph <——click to see what is most appealing to 50 responses of The Looner Questionnaire.  Found here—–> http://girlboxer1970.com/2012/02/19/looner-questionnaire/

What is it about balloons that makes some people feel more than just an urge to smile?

Balloons come in all sizes, they are colorful, soft,make noise and have a unique smell.  Balloons stimulate all the senses: touch, sight, scent, hearing and taste.

Wait, taste?  Well, lick or bite a balloon.  That smell has a taste to go with it.

What would you pop the balloons with?!

What would you pop the balloons with?!

This common object–cheap, fragile and easy to obtain–is a source of pleasure to countless numbers of people.  If this confuses you, I completely understand.  After a year of research in multiple degrees of involvement, interviews, and textual reading, I fully understand the interest in balloon fetishism, a community which is exploding in size.  (Pardon the pun, I couldn’t resist.)

The looner community is rather secretive and the only reason is because this fetish somehow is mentally connected to pedophilia in the minds of many people, who are not stimulated by balloons .  Pedophilia is a mental illness that causes sexual attraction to children.  This is not a fetish.  Crimes are committed in the act of pedophilia.  There is no crime in being a looner, and the only negativity is that imposed by ignorant people, not willing to understand what this harmless fetish is truly about.

I need to start thinking of creative titles.  Not that publishers really let you pick your own title, but who knows.  I might get lucky.

Drop me some comments….ideas/thoughts about a looner fetish book~!

I’m a happy popper!  U?


Want to read about Looners?

Hello all….I am not able to publish my paper on balloon fetishist just yet.

If I am submitting to a magazine, scholarship, competition or scholarly journal, I don’t believe I can have previously published what I submit.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is if you email me a request to my school address at pcrider@ycp.edu I will send a portion of the paper.  State in your email that you will not share the segment without giving credit to me and my blogsite.  Everyone gets the same thing.  A preview I suppose as it’s actually not finished.  😉

Thank you for supporting my writing and research!   It has been awesome!!!

Loon Writer and Happy Popper,


Paul Graves

Amazing balloon photographer, Paul Graves, caught my eye.  You’ll see why!

21 favorites for the day

The search today?  Balloon + pizza   Balloon + eye  Balloon + hotdog   

Not upset, just surprised

Would you say York County PA is a conservative area?  What about York College Campus?

Should a campus newspaper worry if an article is too controversal for print?  Is there such a thing as news that is too controversal to share with the public?

I have many questions suddenly, that I had never given thought to before.  When I began researching a sexual fetish involving balloons for a final paper in writing course, I never expected it to be so damn interesting.  I wanted to share with YCP the opportunity to follow along in my research and even become a part of it, if they find balloons stimulating.  The faculty at YCP did not enter my mind because I don’t write for the faculty, I write for my fellow students.

This is my first response from one of the editors concerning the preview article about balloon fetishists:

“I believe I’m talking to Dr. Zerbe tomorrow about a whole bunch of things, so as long as he says it’s okay, the balloon one should be good to go too. I’ll keep you posted.  -Leah”

And the response I received today:

“Dr. Zerbe, Stephen and I, we decided to publish the balloon article online but not in the print version. The only reason I really didn’t want to publish it in the print issue is just because York is a somewhat conservative area, and a small but significant portion of the readers of the print edition are the Deans and administration. I just don’t think it’s appropriate for that audience. However, I think that it is much better suited to the online issue, and you’ll get much more of a response online especially when we can link it directly to your blog.  I hope that’s okay! I think it’s going to give you a much better response, anyway.  -Leah”

This is my response to the email and I CC’d it to the other editor and Dr. Zerbe, the professor who advises us news reporters:


When I submitted this random piece for an article, I did so never giving it thought that the content would be a problem.  This is a topic I am researching for a final paper in writing and just thought it would be cool to share in this research.  I did not know if anyone that reads The Spartan would answer the questions, but I think you should keep this in mind, anyone can have a fetish regardless of their profession.  This college does not strike me as conservative because I am also involved with LLAMBDA and know that it is widely accepted by most everyone on campus.  I can honestly say I have never heard of or seen any type of prejudice at YCP.

This has actually turned out to be even more interesting to me that it won’t make the college printed paper because there is suddenly a concern of who might be offended.  If that were really a true concern, then the articles written for the Spartan in the past would not have covered abortion, smoking, gay rights, etc.  I am not against my article going into the online edition.  My only concern is the “online edition” will now be the dumping grounds for anything even slightly controversial, like balloon fetishist.  If we want fellow students to pick up the copies that are printed we have to have content that they want to bother reading.  Otherwise, let’s just skip printing anything and focus all our attention online.

I appreciate the consideration by yourself, Dr. Zerbe, and Stephen but I will voice my disappointment that this is found to be too controversial to print.  My final paper may very well go deeper into this fetish that anyone has ever gone before.  To me that is ground-breaking and news-worthy.


Pattie Crider

You know you are a looner when:

You know you are a looner when:

  1. Car lot balloons are more interesting than the new cars.
  2. You dream about the Goodyear Blimp.  In color.
  3. Foil balloons ruin an occasion.
  4. The box of latex gloves under the sink isn’t really for cleaning.
  5. Non-lubricated condoms are preferred.
  6. Balloon shards cover your carpet like spent rounds.
  7. Balloons are hidden between the mattress and box spring.
  8. You know what the real differences between balloons.
  9. You match your wardrobe to the balloon color you blow up each morning.
  10. You cannot resist the urge to take balloons home after someone throws a party.

Ok, so I’m just kidding around!  LOL


Write in the comments your ideas for knowing when you are a looner!

Looner Proposal

This proposal is aimed at determining if the sexual fetish of balloons, referred to a “looners” may cause physical or psychological harm to a participant.  Determining this is my first objective but I also have interest in learning more about this sexual fetish and the people who participate.

My executive summary will explain what is considered a sexual fetish and how I became aware of balloons as a sexual fetish.  At this point, I have found no print copies in any format to use as a research tool.  All the information about looners is on the World Wide Web.  As I gather information and perform my own research online I plan to give a clearer meaning of this fetish and why it is labeled a fetish.   In doing so, I believe my conclusions will give honest answers to questions non-looner people have.

I have prepared a questionnaire and e-mailed it to people I have found online who are part of the looner community.  One person I have successfully reached online appeared on The Learning Channel’s show, “Strange Sex” and talked with them about his balloon fetish.  I have emailed him the questionnaire but I am not sure if he will reply.  Since sending out the questionnaire, I have received five responses.  Some responses are anonymous but all of them are answered honestly.

Click to see questionnaire.  http://girlboxer1970.com/2012/02/19/looner-questionnaire/

From the information I gather on the internet combined with first hand research, I believe a conclusion will be reached concerning the possible harm in practicing this fetish.  Also, a clearer definition of looners will be established and I will include respondent’s comments to help clarify what makes a balloon a sexual object and why.


Looner Questionnaire

Static electricity is free!

I’ve compiled a two page questionnaire.  Anyone who has a balloon fetish is welcome to copy and paste this to a word document and email it to me at pcrider@ycp.edu.  write Looner in the subject line.

You may use an alias if you wish, but I will not be revealing anyone’s name.

Thank you!


Looners Interview:  Thank you for answering my questions about the sexual fetish involving balloons.  Please answer all questions that you are comfortable sharing.

Name or Alias:




What age did you find you liked balloons?

At what age did balloons become a part of sex for you?

Is this fetish shared with your significant other? (boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband)

Why or why not?

Do you reveal your fetish to family?  Friends?

What about balloons do you find appealing?

How do you involve balloons in a sexual experience?

Do you find other objects that can hold air stimulating? (latex gloves, condoms, etc.)

Are you sexually stimulated just by the sight of balloons? (at a traditional party)

Does size, shape or color of the balloon make a difference?

Are helium balloons more attractive/stimulating than regular blown balloons?

If a balloon has a balloon inside, is that extra stimulating?

Do you prefer blowing up balloons or inflating with helium?

Do you ever fill balloons with something other than air? (water, sand, mayonnaise, pickle juice)

Are the silver (foil) balloons appealing?

Do you have a specific balloon memory from childhood?  Good or bad?

Do you like to pop balloons?

Do you get attached to the balloons and hate when they pop?

Do you have a favorite looner moment?

In your opinion is there any harm in a balloon fetish?  (Physically, psychologically, etc.)

What do you believe other people think of Looners?

Does being a Looner have any effect on your relationships with others?

What do you find to be the most enjoyable activity with a balloon? (smell, feel, static, popping sound, etc.)

Any other comments please write as much as you would like.

Thank you!

Pattie Crider

York College of PA

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