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  2. Etching
  3. Ballooning

I’m working on etching tonight, and posting on TikTok and YouTube. That’s my usual steps in posting. I started this weird combo of posting my etching art and balloon videos on TikTok. It seems to be working. My art room was formerly a beauty salon. There’s big mirrors on the one wall, but that is the only remaining part of the salon. Now, it’s my scrapbook table, turned into my work desk, a 10 foot table that is on lifts to make standing more comfortable, and an 8 foot counter and cabinets on the far wall. This is my favorite room in the house. It’s the messiest all the time. It’s all mine.

Unless there’s a cat in the room. Then it’s all theirs.

If you follow my YouTube, Insta, or TikTok, all Girlboxer1970, you’ll see my office. I do many videos in there for etching and balloons. There’s also my Facebook page Girlboxer1970.com. I am all over social media because, free promoting! I enjoy having fun. I like having friends over for drinks and to bullshit. And, what I really like, is to get balloons out and have people blow them up with me. I try to get them to fill them with air until they explode!!

These were a gift from a looner friend. I love them!!!

Why do I do this?

I like blowing up balloons and popping them, alone or with friends. I think it’s fun. Exciting. Stimulating. Throw in a shot of my fav, Rumplemintz 101, and it’s a looner’s dream party, latex scent lingering in the air.

I like how balloons feel. They are soft and squishy when they are under-filled. When air has been forced in, they over-expand, their skin is tight and squeaky to touch. They are so delicate, yet can take so much punishment. They can explode without even being touched. . .

Do you see why I like balloons?


My friend Lonna & I having fun.

Looner Study: What I learned from liking balloons


I did an interview with Practitioner’s TV about balloons. This YouTube channel is out of Philadelphia and came to visit me to learn about what looners are and balloon & latex fetishism, based on a paper I wrote while in York College of PA in May of 2012. I agreed to the interview because I was promised the show was to promote acceptance rather then ostracize those who love balloons. The interview will be release this Thursday, June 22, 2017.

I have never shared the results of my questionnaires with anyone other than my professor and people who submitted responses and wanted to see the final thesis paper. I decided to share the paper now that the episode was coming out so people could see the full study along with the interview and the awesome song written by Dave DeHart of They & Them. Here is the link to the song he wrote based on the interview.

<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2qNkOfwVLU&t=179s <—–Looner theme song written by Dave about my love for balloons.

Below are the links to my thesis paper for my professional writing class. I received a perfect score though she teased me I did miss some commas. 🙂

Complete Looner study   <—–PDF version

Complete Looner study <—–Word Doc version

Here is the link to my YouTube channel where I enjoy making videos for other people. They’re just me being silly, and blowing up balloons, and popping them. Either you’re into watching (or hearing) them or you’re not. It’s all good. I rarely make a video anymore, but I still think balloons are awesome.



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Please write me a note in the comments about your thoughts on the results of my paper.

Here’s the episode!!


There may be other links through the balloon tags on my blog site that don’t work. I had to delete tons of photos of balloons I had because I didn’t have space. 😦

Why Balloons?

Balloon appeal graph <——click to see what is most appealing to 50 responses of The Looner Questionnaire.  Found here—–> http://girlboxer1970.com/2012/02/19/looner-questionnaire/

What is it about balloons that makes some people feel more than just an urge to smile?

Balloons come in all sizes, they are colorful, soft,make noise and have a unique smell.  Balloons stimulate all the senses: touch, sight, scent, hearing and taste.

Wait, taste?  Well, lick or bite a balloon.  That smell has a taste to go with it.

What would you pop the balloons with?!

What would you pop the balloons with?!

This common object–cheap, fragile and easy to obtain–is a source of pleasure to countless numbers of people.  If this confuses you, I completely understand.  After a year of research in multiple degrees of involvement, interviews, and textual reading, I fully understand the interest in balloon fetishism, a community which is exploding in size.  (Pardon the pun, I couldn’t resist.)

The looner community is rather secretive and the only reason is because this fetish somehow is mentally connected to pedophilia in the minds of many people, who are not stimulated by balloons .  Pedophilia is a mental illness that causes sexual attraction to children.  This is not a fetish.  Crimes are committed in the act of pedophilia.  There is no crime in being a looner, and the only negativity is that imposed by ignorant people, not willing to understand what this harmless fetish is truly about.

I need to start thinking of creative titles.  Not that publishers really let you pick your own title, but who knows.  I might get lucky.

Drop me some comments….ideas/thoughts about a looner fetish book~!

I’m a happy popper!  U?


Oiled War

I blew up every balloon I had and then filled an enormous weather balloon using an inflator.    A local TV station friend of mine gave the balloon to me.  Well lent it, to me.  I want to deflate the balloon a little bit at a time until I am snug with the balloons.  I am naked and ready to climb inside the balloon…..

I slipped one travel size baby oil inside the balloon with me.  My secret Master let the balloon deflate slowly.  He liked the look on my face.  It was a cross between ecstasy and fear.  Death by balloons wouldn’t look good on a gravestone.  I guess it would all boil down to this.  Did I at least pop before I died?

The baby oil made the inside of this weather balloon so cozy.  Suddenly I realized, I only get so long in my Bubble World.  Master said nothing, just watching as I explored my round room.   My arms and legs moved freely but the balloons still held me afloat.  I began oiling my body and Master smiled his approval.

I was singing a song of balloon nonsense, just to amuse myself.  It was super slippery inside the balloon and, all the balloons inside the big balloon were pressing again my body.  My nipples became rock hard and I felt warm, light-headed even.  The tightness of the balloons against my skin, like silk, stroking me every time I moved, was like nothing I had ever felt before.  Perhaps the closest I’ll ever come to being in a womb again.

The oil completely coated my body now.  It felt so sensual and sexual.  Master called out, gaining my attention.  I had forgotten he was there.  Bad slave! 

“Touch yourself,” he ordered.  I needed no further encouragement.  My right had slipped between my legs and broke the seal.  I was by far more slippery than the oil.

With-in minutes Master ordered me to come.  Explosions went off in my head and I became weak from pleasure.  As my body spasms, I began breaking the balloons holding me up.   Some I squeezed with my fingers, some I stepped on…I could only break a few.  The slickness made it difficult to hold onto them.  I straddled one, able to keep my balance.  It felt really good and I started to bounce on the balloon.  The weather balloon began to jiggle around and I thought that was sexy and funny.

I wanted to lie down inside my world and feel the balloons get tighter on my body as Master releases air.  My body felt like it was being sensually kissed by each touching balloon.  My skin tingled as I caught my breath again.  There wasn’t much extra air left other than what was inside the balloons.  An idea popped into my head.  I can pop these to give me more air.  I’ll breathe my saved air.

So I began popping balloons again, excited at the thought of releasing my own breath.  The faster I tried to pop the balloons, the more comical I looked.  Master never laughed out-loud and insulted my enjoyment of the oily balloon war.  The more I popped, the more room I had and could stand.

It was down to 1 slave and 5 remaining balloons when Master spoke.  “You are done.  I am ready for you now.”  I looked at his distorted appearance pushed in from the outside.  It strangely excited me more.  I was ready also but there was no quick exit to make myself available to him.  The loudest pop I ever heard deafened me momentarily.  In the flash my balloon world ended and my Master had his hands on my well-oiled body.

So much for borrowing the weather balloon.


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