I did it. F TikTok. Fan Page up.

For about 10 years now people have been bugging me to start my own balloon page.

Well I’ve done it.

I am sick of TikTok’s bullshit, although, I did start another TikTok. (Pattiedoll70) It’s going to be low key on regular social media, but my friends and I can post all our videos on my Onlyfans. If you like boobs, you’re in luck. I would go topless all the time, weather appropriate. . .except in stores, of course. 😂

https://onlyfans.com/girlboxer1970 <——— The link to FUN for $4.99 a month. What a deal!!!!

So, if you’re into seeing me with my balloons and dressed sexy, come check out my OnlyFans.

If you’re only want to say negative things, save your breath. I have goals that take money to reach.

See you on the Only side of fun!


I just can’t stop

  1. Writing
  2. Etching
  3. Ballooning

I’m working on etching tonight, and posting on TikTok and YouTube. That’s my usual steps in posting. I started this weird combo of posting my etching art and balloon videos on TikTok. It seems to be working. My art room was formerly a beauty salon. There’s big mirrors on the one wall, but that is the only remaining part of the salon. Now, it’s my scrapbook table, turned into my work desk, a 10 foot table that is on lifts to make standing more comfortable, and an 8 foot counter and cabinets on the far wall. This is my favorite room in the house. It’s the messiest all the time. It’s all mine.

Unless there’s a cat in the room. Then it’s all theirs.

If you follow my YouTube, Insta, or TikTok, all Girlboxer1970, you’ll see my office. I do many videos in there for etching and balloons. There’s also my Facebook page Girlboxer1970.com. I am all over social media because, free promoting! I enjoy having fun. I like having friends over for drinks and to bullshit. And, what I really like, is to get balloons out and have people blow them up with me. I try to get them to fill them with air until they explode!!

These were a gift from a looner friend. I love them!!!

Why do I do this?

I like blowing up balloons and popping them, alone or with friends. I think it’s fun. Exciting. Stimulating. Throw in a shot of my fav, Rumplemintz 101, and it’s a looner’s dream party, latex scent lingering in the air.

I like how balloons feel. They are soft and squishy when they are under-filled. When air has been forced in, they over-expand, their skin is tight and squeaky to touch. They are so delicate, yet can take so much punishment. They can explode without even being touched. . .

Do you see why I like balloons?


My friend Lonna & I having fun.

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