Car Rams Trailer on Davidsburg Rd, Dover PA

Approximately 1 hour ago a woman driving a car turned onto Davidsburg Rd heading towards Carlisle and lost control of her vehicle and rammed into the corner of a small trailer.

The airbag deployed and the driver suffered a small cut to her nose.

Photos by Susan Crider on her vintage cell phone.  Accident took place next to Reisinger’s Trailer Haven 3720 Davidsburg Rd, Dover, PA17315

Davidsburg Road Accident

Davidsburg Road Accident

Dover Fire Department clearing the scene

Dover Fire Department clearing the scene

Davidsburg Rd

Davidsburg Rd

The next morning 7/16/2013:

Davidsburg Rd headed towards Carlisle Rd.

Davidsburg Rd headed towards Carlisle Rd.



Fortunately, the Volunteer Dover Fire House was across the street.

Fortunately, the Dover Township Volunteer Fire Department was across the street.


3 Car Accident on Route 74 York, PA

Shortly after 11 PM the owner of China Wok closed his restaurant and left for his home.  Exiting the parking lot of Rutter’s Farm Store in his maroon mini van, he pulled onto Route 74 N towards Dover, PA and was rear ended by a Toyota Tundra truck.  The two vehicles hit the embankment along the Shiloh Church Cemetery before hitting a small car.  The restaurant owners mini van was in the middle of Rt 74.  The truck and small, black, car came to rest on the opposite side of the road, on the embankment.  A minimum of 8 people were involved in this accident.  Multiple people were taken away by ambulance.  ~P.

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Dover PA House Explodes

This story ran in the YDR:  The explosion was due to a gas leak.  No one was home at the time, but the house and much of it’s contents were destroyed.

The kids and I passed by the house on the way home from Pinchot Park.  All three of us were in awe of the devastation that occurred while I was in Philadelphia.  Here are a few pictures I snapped with my cellphone.

The family is in my thoughts and prayers.


Frankenstorm Flooding 2012

Hurricane Sandy caused serious flooding in York County.  The Conewago Creek was at least three times its usual size.  Roads were closed, lines down, power out.  Hurricane Sandy left her mark.  ~P.

Pennsylvania Slum Lord Alert

Susan has been renting a mobile home at Reisinger’s Trailer Haven that is owned by an eighty+ year old lady who doesn’t want to deal with the trailers anymore.  The are all owned by her, including the one Jerry Kennedy lives-in rent free for tending to the Haven.

Haven isn’t exactly the word I would use to described this mobile home park.  This once was a nice mobile park.  The yards are well-kept.

Kennedy will pitch a fit if you are even 2 or 3 inches in the grass.  Last night he ordered Dale to get his truck off his grass.  Dale backed up the truck and with my encouragement, he went to visit Kennedy about Susan’s bathroom leak.  It began to leak heavily for the second time.  Kennedy said he would check on it again.  He knew his half-ass attempt of fixing it the first time was a joke.  There have been many jokes Kennedy has played on the home.

We thought perhaps last night.  As of 3:30 today, he has not checked on the mobile homes bathroom floor.  The entire bathroom is slowly sinking down and the toilet is pulling away from the floor.  It has reached the point of no return.  The tiles in the kitchen and bathroom (those sticky square tiles) are broke and weakening by the second.

It is apparent the condition of the mobiles are low priority.  Photos are from the home my sister rents for $480 a month.  Kennedy almost refused her because of Blaine.  He doesn’t want children living at the Haven.  There were two children essentially evicted for having a mother who left them in the care of their grandmother who just happens to live in the Haven.  I don’t know where 12-year-old Bree and her little brother are now.  (Now I do know.  They are living with their aunt and doing well.)

This mobile home has been painted, wallpapered and painted again.  If it were not for the paint covering past leaks, one would not be able to stomach the look of the walls or ceilings.

This is a slum lord alert brought to you today by Girlboxer1970.

Look out Mr. Kennedy, you are not taking care of you rented homes.  The last thing older people need to live in are trailers filled with mold.  I wonder how everyone else’s trailer is holding up?

A question the state might also be interested in.


NEW TO POST….VIDEO WITH LANDLORD  Conversation with Jerry about the 30-day lease and toilet problem reporting.  Conversation with Jerry about the 30-day lease and toilet problem reporting. 7/14/2012  My YouTube channel is Girlboxer1970 if you can’t click the link.

Pennsylvania Landlord Tenant Law.

The Crafty Basket Dover, PA

Pattie Crider

Art Critique


                The Crafty Basket is located just up from the square in Dover, PA and specializes in country folk art.  While some art is produced by using prefabricated pieces, the art created as a whole are original.  The Crafty Basket is owned by Brenda and Mike Eckenrode and has been in business for thirteen years.  Their work is displayed gallery-like and the original art pieces are signed by the artist. 

                The first piece I chose was a Christmas ornament.  The plastic ornament was originally blank and the edges were raised to show texture.  Brenda Eckenrode painted a whimsical snowman using acrylic paint depicting a realistic winter scene.  The snowman wore a red scarf and mittens complimenting his carrot nose and contrasting with the cool, blue background.  He was centered on the ornament and had a cheerful look to his face.  The top right side portrayed a top hat held in his left hand.  Balancing out the Christmas ornament was a white star on the left side of the heart-shaped piece.  A simple white ribbon to display the piece was attached at the top.

                The second piece was a soft sculpture of a grandmother like doll.  Her face was incredibly natural looking as Brenda used nylon stocking material to create the head.  The dolls outfit was a composition of cotton material, lace and ribbon all hand sewn.  Many pieces used to create this realistic soft sculpture would be considered “found objects” such as the tiny wire glasses, hair and the single flower in her hand.  Attached to the back of the doll sculpture was a magnet.  This was not actually part of the art but did make it easy to display and view.

                The third piece of art, Lilac Milkcan, would also be considered “found objects.” This arrangement was created using artificial white lilacs with deep green foliage.  The milk can was painted a robin’s egg blue and made to look antique.  By this I mean it was purposely painted to look used.  There were portions, especially around the handles and base where the paint had been thinned down to barely cover the tin.  This floral arrangement was especially appealing to my eyes because of the analogous colors of green and blue.  Had the milk can been painted green it would not have made the foliage pop between the white lilacs and the milk can.

                The forth piece was a print titled Autumn Afternoon by Billy Jacobs of Ohio.  This picture appealed to me because the subject or focus point seemed to be the crows on the fence.  The crows were large in scale and towards the bottom of the piece.   They were perched on a fence that created horizontal and vertical lines showing its stability as well as unity and rhythm.  My eyes followed the fence line which led to a tree created with diagonal lines.  The diagonal lines kept my eyes moving over the picture to the house in the background.  Though the house is clearly much larger than the crows, Jacobs painted it at the top of the picture makes it appear correct in scale.  The colors used in this piece were warm variations of red, accurately depicting an autumn day.

                The fifth piece is a birdhouse sculpture.  This was created by Mike from trees cut down on the Eckenrode property.  Each piece of the birdhouse was cut and planed by Mike then assembled.  He added vines woven together created diagonal lines around the birdhouse.  Each bird hole was placed at equal distances creating unity in the piece and the rectangular nail under each hole gave it a nice visual rhythm.  This sculpture has a rustic look because the boards were not sanded completely smooth.  Instead there is a rough texture left on the surface and was painted a washed out blue color making it appeared to be faded with age.  The base and the roof sections were painted black and broke up the color scheme.  This piece made me think of sculpture in the round because it can be viewed from all sides.  It also made me think of earth art, not in the traditional sense but because it was made of items found naturally on earth with the exception of the nails. 

                The sixth piece I chose was the simplest of all, a wooden shelf.  This was also made by Mike from trees grown on their property.  I thought of it as functioning art because it was very appealing due to its simple assemblage and primitive look but once hung, could be used to display other works of art.  Unlike the birdhouse which I don’t think could actually function due to its scale, the shelf is the perfect size to hang on a wall.  Mike sanded it smooth and stained it black in color.  All the edges were lighter in color highlighting the horizontal and vertical lines.  The monochrome color would complement any room as well as anything placed on the shelf.  I found it simply beautiful.

                The art found at the Crafty Basket took me back to a simpler time of life.  The farmhouse in Billy Jacobs’ picture would be the exact location for the primitive, rustic art created at the Crafty Basket.  A York or Lancaster County farmhouse or even better, log house, would be ideal.  After talking to the Eckenrodes and learning their items were handmade and painted on location I had a deeper appreciation for this simple art form.  Art of this type is also made cheaply overseas and when I compared their handmade version against the imported type, the quality difference was clear.  The Eckenrode’s art was clean in appearance, not sloppily put together or painted on an assembly line.  The soft sculpture doll was just outstanding because the time put into making it was obvious.  There were no loose strings hanging from the material, nor was it made with poor quality “found objects.”  The Christmas ornament was skillfully painted by an artist, Brenda, not an anonymous person sitting in a factory.  In sketching each piece it forced me to look closely at how it was made, arranged or painted and appreciate the skill needed to create folk art.

bull road buy of the week

Bull Road, Dover~~ Super Buy of the Week.  No, I don’t know the exact address.  

(Yes, I do have a soft spot for creeks and bulls.  sigh.)

For Sale by Owners:

Rumor has it, they are currently living in the pontoon boat…or is that a camper?? 

Swing set comes with the property!!


rebirth by fire

My neighbor’s mobile home went up in flames 9/11/10.  What is it with that date?  Sept 11, 2001 Twin Towers, Pentagon, plane are taken down.  Sept 11, 2004, I was taken down by Jhole.  That’s a whole other story there.  Actually, I really need to think out how I’m going to tell my story of 9/11/04.  Anyway, I got side tracked.  I’m back.

So Dave, my neighbor, has a fire in his home.  We saw the smoke clearly and I ran through the woods.  There’s a dirt type road between our homes.  More stone than dirt honestly.  Walking it has risks.  Twisted ankles, scrapes from twigs, poison ivy, oak and sumac.  Like one type of poison isn’t enough from Mother Nature.  I get to the top of the hill…

Smoke was pouring out of his home and his truck wasn’t there, but he wasn’t answering his cell.  I went to check his parents and passed him.  He had been washing his truck at their house when the police arrived.

Dragon’s breath flames shot out open windows while the firefighters punched out the closed ones.  It seemed to melt in slow motion into its self.  Dave mobile burned quickly and kicked off heat.  The gas bottles were already moved so no fear of a sudden large explosion.  The beautiful big screen tv began to bow to the flames and her frame succumbing to the fiery beast.   A small four-wheeler parked outside the porch door began to drip around the hand grips.  Dave’s sons helmet obviously wasn’t fireproof as it became elongated, similar to an egg.  The inner foam bubbled up and oozed off the visor, like contaminated yoke ready to fry. 

The kids were fascinated and I likewise.  After the fire was out and declared safe people began poking around.  That was around 5pm if I recall correctly.  Around 4 am it caught on fire again.  Damn that beast.  9/11/10….another day in flames.

Now things are different.  The fire was from a bad electric adapter, or possibly an extension cord.  Doesn’t really matter.  All is going well.  He has a girlfriend now and he and his sons are alive.  They might have lost everything but their clothes on their back that day and dad’s truck but Dave didn’t let that keep him from starting over.  It was a fresh start for his family and…..he had a clean truck.

Who’s bridge is this?

I love going to the bridge at Beaver Creek.  It’s so peaceful there and perfect to do homework at or take the kids to play in the water.  Since visiting there beginning last summer I noticed the old stone bridge wasn’t in such good shape.  I notified the state of it’s disrepair.  The state called and said they would look into it.  If they actually went to the bridge is in debate because the following day they called to say it didn’t fall under the state’s responsibility to repair and told me to talk to Warrington Township.  So, I sent WT an email.  They wrote back saying it’s not their bridge.  Mapquest lists it in Dover so I emailed Dover Township and asked if this was their bridge and if it is, I would like to see bridge inspection certificates.  I have to wait 5 days max for their response.  Honestly, I don’t know who owns the land but it’s a popular place and beautiful year round.  So, I will continue investigating who Beaver Hole bridge belongs to and who should repair it.  Eventually, it’s going to fall.  Pictures tell a thousand words…there’s even a tree growing out at the base!!

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