What does practice mean?

Do you practice religion?

Religion has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My family has attended services since I was born. That tiny church was in a rural setting, where everyone knew each other, and probably their business too.

You know I’m right.

As an adult, I attended a large church for a few years with my husband and children. We got to know a few people but, as a friend were invited to join us once said, “It’s like God -The Machine” with so many attendees.

He was impressed with the drum kit the church owned. It was much like a concert, the opposite of my childhood church where we would watch people drift off to sleep, then snap their head back up, cause God was watching us all.

Once Covid hit, we stopped attending and haven’t returned since.

Do I still have my faith? Yes.

Do I get angry at God? Yes.

I ask forgiveness for that. G

God and I are good and I thank that alien in the sky daily for all provided.


Nope to broke

Have you ever broken a bone?

While I’ve never broken a bone, I ruptured my left Achilles tendon on January 19, which I’m told is far worse.

Yeah me, being that overachiever at all things.

Photo 3/16/23 is after my cast was removed and stitches snipped. Everything seemed to be going well.

A few weeks passed and I picked up an infection. The doctor’s didn’t act fast enough or maybe I should’ve pushed more for immediate care, but it got out of control.

April 24 deep infection

The internal (dissolvable) stitches forced their way out tendon, releasing 70% of what had been repaired. They did a second surgery.

The removal of these stitches was horrific. I cried.

After the surgery and 2 weeks of the cast, the stitches and cast were removed. I had only 30% attachment but the doctors are quick to say it could grow stronger through scar tissue build up. Doesn’t that sound so reassuring?

I made it to the beach this past weekend to attend my friends wedding. I’m just starting to walk again now in late May. Praying and staying positive to be able to one day do all the fun activities I love.

I might skip long-board skating in the future. But, maybe not!

Not broken, just on the slightly damaged shelf for now…


Hanging with the Hulk in Ocean City, MD.

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