That’s scary mommy!

Art appreciation 101 at York College requires making a sculpture at home.  I wanted to do more than a mask and my wonderful sister Suz volunteered to be the model.

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Suz sat patiently while I added more and more plaster to her head.  I estimate it took over an hour to sculpt the helmet and another half hour with a hair dryer to set it.  What Suz didn’t know was the process of creating it would be much easier on her than when it came time to remove it from her head.  Let’s just say she lost some hair over the ordeal.  😉

Once I tore that mask off her head (not exaggerating) and removed the lining I could tell my vision was coming together.  I love my sister to pieces and wanted this to have a real meaning for her, other than just pain.

I walked all over my parents property and down at Beaver Hole looking for the perfect vines to add to my piece.  I had a name for it already chosen.  “MeSuza” after the Greek mythology goddess, Medusa.  I was fortunate MeSuza didn’t turn me to stone for ripping so much hair off of her head.

Stone Cold

I hand-carved and painted each snake, with a total of eleven in all.  Each one was unique.  None of the snakes have pieces glued to them.  The tongues and rattles are all carved out of the native vines of Dover, PA.  The mask portrayed a winter scene, cold and barren with the snakes slithering in and out.  The inside was snakes in a summer setting.  The mask represented both seasons as a sculpture in the round.  At every angle a different snake looks back with an evil glare, inside and out.  The snakes that are not vines are hot glue that I drizzled onto the mask then painted.  I can’t even begin to guess how many hours I put into this piece, but it was worth every second!

To wear the helmet, some snakes had to be removed.  When it’s not on a human head, the snakes can be moved around for a new look.  I received an A+ on my sculpture and a 4.0 in the Intro to Art course.  😉



Summer of snakes

The model who wears it the best! Love ya Sis!

Tesla is no longer afraid of MeSuza!

Future posts of art work to come!




Dear Suz~So you wrecked your car

Dear Suz,

So you wrecked your car and it’s totaled.  That sucks.

I am  glad you are safe and that airbag probably saved your life.  Any other day, you wear a seatbelt!

We found your glasses underneath the passenger’s seat.  I know you don’t remember much  after accidentally rear-ending a parked car.

You had just passed my house and realized I was in school.  Making left-hand turns to head back home and suddenly you wake up, airbag deployed.

Thank God in heaven, for watching over you.

I love you sister!  Even if you are the most forgetful, accident prone person I’ve ever known in my life.  I can’t imagine life without you.

The crinkled up car is replaceable.



What to do…what to do?

Amusing the photographer, Tesla

I have a few days left of fall break before it’s back to classes.  My weekend flew by with Dale and Tesla.  Tesla and I spent a good portion of Friday painting.  I painted my sculpture for art class.  We had to do a figurative piece that had personal meaning.  I created a self-portrait and painted it to reflect emotion.  We did not paint my car again like we did this day when boredom struck….hard.  We spent the day with Aunt Suzie and Blaine.  Dale met us at Pinchot Park and we had a nice time.  I kept sticking Suz with Ying patrol.  He annoys her.  I laugh.

So today I have quite a list of things to accomplish:

1. Find Tesla’s dance leotard.  John already let me a message this morning because I didn’t send it Friday or this morning.  I don’t know what the heck Tesla did with the leotard or the t-shirt she had on when I picked her up from Heather.  That was the same night Heather refused to let Tesla keep her leopard stuffed animal in her bedroom at John’s.

2. This goes along with number one.  Put away all the clean laundry from the weekend.  I have 3-4 baskets of clothes.  I’ve lost count.  I only do laundry on the weekends to save on electric.  If it’s nice out, I even hang sum up to dry.  Dale thinks I’m crazy as he just drys everything.

3.  Work on my literature class presentation on “The Hellbound Heart” and the movie, Hellraiser, by Clive Barker.  I am trying to make a slideshow picture to accompany the selected portions of the book I will read aloud to class.  I love to do presentations and take front center stage…I mean class.

4. Spanish a presentation as Carl Brady with my daughters Marsha and Cindy.  Marsha is Kristin James  Cindy is Olivia Sederstrom.  We are having fun with this and I will eventually blog about our presentation.

5. Religion:  Cult writing.  Might blog it online.  Any suggestions out there on wtf I can write…I have many ideas:  Lady Gaga as a type of disciple.  A really wacky one with Illuminated symbols, Satanic symbols.  The “Text” in The Lady’s Guide Stones, located in GA.  At the Georgia Guide Stones are the text inscribed in many languages. I actually wrote about those long before I even knew I was enrolling in this NRMs class.

6.  Kitchen: put away clean dishes.  (Dale washes all the dishes.  That is so awesome because I hate getting my hands wet.)  Mop floor, clear of island, finishing clearing the table.

7.  Clear coffee table of school books.  vacuum.

8. Paint my second sculpture.  I haven’t named it yet.  Will post pictures of the process.

9.  Read Sunday’s paper.  Was so busy at Pinchot Park I didn’t get to read much of it.

10.  Blog about Pinchot Park yesterday and the chainsaw carving I took pictures of all weekend.  It’s located on Druck Valley Road.

Will attempt the whole list.

Tommorrows another day,


Dear Suz

She gots dem big eyez, ya?

Hey G, my sista!  How you doing with those big eyes?  All up in the camera!

What are we going to do with you?  You need to find somewhere to live.  If mom and dad actually find someone who wants to buy the house, you more than likely will need to move.  Maybe the new buyers would let you stay if you paid rent.  You never know, stranger things have happened.  Like me meeting Dale, for example.

There is always the possibility of moving back into the house with mom and dad if their house doesn’t sell and they don’t move to Shippensburg or somewhere else equally as ridiculous.

I can’t believe dad wants to move mom so far away from us.  Mom is going to be miserable alone.  I also can’t believe that dad is talking to my future ex-husband.  What the hell?  They both know I am a good mom to Tesla.  My sons will testify to that!

Ugh….I’m so sick of all the drama with 2 Johns and our dad.  Get over themselves already!

Love ya sista!


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