Dear Suz

She gots dem big eyez, ya?

Hey G, my sista!  How you doing with those big eyes?  All up in the camera!

What are we going to do with you?  You need to find somewhere to live.  If mom and dad actually find someone who wants to buy the house, you more than likely will need to move.  Maybe the new buyers would let you stay if you paid rent.  You never know, stranger things have happened.  Like me meeting Dale, for example.

There is always the possibility of moving back into the house with mom and dad if their house doesn’t sell and they don’t move to Shippensburg or somewhere else equally as ridiculous.

I can’t believe dad wants to move mom so far away from us.  Mom is going to be miserable alone.  I also can’t believe that dad is talking to my future ex-husband.  What the hell?  They both know I am a good mom to Tesla.  My sons will testify to that!

Ugh….I’m so sick of all the drama with 2 Johns and our dad.  Get over themselves already!

Love ya sista!



  1. Well things are looking up fianlly. I’m guaranteed this job once I get all my shit in order. I’ll be working in no time!!! I know I need to move….especially since everytime I touch the door to go inside it shocks the hell out of me!! What great living condiions. So after I’m working for a while I’ll be able to get the hell out of dodge. Pray for me ok??? Anyway keep busting your ass at what you’re doing cuz I’m proud of your crazy ass I know starting over has gotta suck and you kinda went through oh I don’t know maybe a little bull shit….what’s it with the name John???? I haven’t met one I liked yet. Thank GOD your mans name is Dale!! Onh and I like him…he’s cool to hang out with….like a million billlion more times fun to hang out with then of the Johns. I’m sorry guys sometimes the truth just hurts a little. What’s a John to do in life? I’m sorry it’s just an evil name. Anyway Pattie I’m so happy for you and Dale and your new place. Your’e doing it Bitch!!! =o) I’m next!!! I love you sister!

    • Gfunk,
      I know you can do it too sista! I’ll be praying for you and Blaine. I know living even next to dad is incrediably difficult, not to mention living in a camper. Thank you for commenting and all your praise. You are my favorite sister. Seriously!! Bumper sticker for your car…coming soon! LOL

  2. IM on it. anything to support you sister…you let me know as soon as you get them I want one. Lol bub is going to jakes for the weekend so ill be bored. Txt me then sometime if you wannahang out. Gotta go take blaine to his dad.. Love ya

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