Get ya coming and going

This afternoon a friend of mine, Butch Yater stopped by with the decals he made me for my car.  He did a great job as a favor to me.  If anyone needs detailing work done, give Butch a call!  (717-881-2234)







  1. Michelle Motter says:

    Wow… that’s a great idea! If I were more inclined to tell the world what I think, these days, I’d steal it. 😉

    • Thanks Michelle! I owe it all Butch. He asked me what decal I would want for my window. As in, Harley Davidson, York College, etc. I asked about doing and he said sure. I wanted to get Matt Wompler to put one on his race car. Nothing like having my website going around the track at Susquhanna Speedway! I’ll have to work on Matt. Anyway, when Butch asked me where I wanted to put it we had some confusion and he wound up making me two. So now I do get everyones attention, coming and going. LOL 🙂 ~P.

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