Why Balloons?

Balloon appeal graph <——click to see what is most appealing to 50 responses of The Looner Questionnaire.  Found here—–> http://girlboxer1970.com/2012/02/19/looner-questionnaire/

What is it about balloons that makes some people feel more than just an urge to smile?

Balloons come in all sizes, they are colorful, soft,make noise and have a unique smell.  Balloons stimulate all the senses: touch, sight, scent, hearing and taste.

Wait, taste?  Well, lick or bite a balloon.  That smell has a taste to go with it.

What would you pop the balloons with?!

What would you pop the balloons with?!

This common object–cheap, fragile and easy to obtain–is a source of pleasure to countless numbers of people.  If this confuses you, I completely understand.  After a year of research in multiple degrees of involvement, interviews, and textual reading, I fully understand the interest in balloon fetishism, a community which is exploding in size.  (Pardon the pun, I couldn’t resist.)

The looner community is rather secretive and the only reason is because this fetish somehow is mentally connected to pedophilia in the minds of many people, who are not stimulated by balloons .  Pedophilia is a mental illness that causes sexual attraction to children.  This is not a fetish.  Crimes are committed in the act of pedophilia.  There is no crime in being a looner, and the only negativity is that imposed by ignorant people, not willing to understand what this harmless fetish is truly about.

I need to start thinking of creative titles.  Not that publishers really let you pick your own title, but who knows.  I might get lucky.

Drop me some comments….ideas/thoughts about a looner fetish book~!

I’m a happy popper!  U?


Not a pretty driving bra

Does my bra looked stuffed? Go ahead...be honest. LOL

If I had really thought these spur-of-the-moment photos out, I would have worn a pretty driving bra.  ~P.

How to fill-out your bra:

Lung Exercises

Decided to blow off some steam with Dale.  :-)~~





The night ended well…we all popped!


Glove World

So cute! Glovey Glove

I’m pretty certain, as Tesla and I watch the NEW SpongeBob Squarepants, that the writers or cartoonist have a balloon fetish.  LOL  There are so many episodes around inflated gloves, balloons, a squirrel who lives in a bubble,  bubble blowing, and more and more.  I don’t know if I would have ever thought that without all this balloon research I’ve been doing!  ~P.

Sharks & Octopus

These are my two favorite animals.  I have a tattoo of a hammerhead on my ankle and an octopus on my chest.

Today’s picture search for balloons all have to do with my favorite animals.


You know I think about you.  You like it that way.  I can’t get you off my mind, just keeping you at bay.

I know you think about me.  I like it that way.  Thoughts of kissing me intrude through-out your day.

What is it you want…what is it you need?  I’ve been trying for years… just to succeed.

My thoughts you invade…..I drift off and dream.

I am surrounded by balloons and locked in a cage.  The world is distorted by the colorful kaleidoscope.  I see movement. 

A human.  Female, dressed from head to toe in black latex. 

My eyes widen as I realized I couldn’t move inside the cage.  I was tied down with balloon string. 

The hot latex chick looked over at me and I could tell she was smiling.  Her lips were zippered shut, but her eyes gave it away.  At least she was smiling, that has to be good. 

A man appears.  I recognize you.  I know why you are here. 

You pull out a knife and walk towards me.  My eyes focus on the blade.

You begin to pop the balloons inside the cage.

I am terrified.

The latex slave’s eyes have glossed over.  She is giddy with excitement and anticipation.

Master has chosen a second slave.

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny stopped by my home last night.  Didn’t leave ANY candy, only balloon shrapnel!

Kinky Balloon

These are mildly kinky.  ;-0  ~P.

Smoke and Explode

Last night I googled balloon + smoke and filled balloon and balloon explode

Here is what I got:

Paul Graves

Amazing balloon photographer, Paul Graves, caught my eye.  You’ll see why!

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