You know I think about you.  You like it that way.  I can’t get you off my mind, just keeping you at bay.

I know you think about me.  I like it that way.  Thoughts of kissing me intrude through-out your day.

What is it you want…what is it you need?  I’ve been trying for years… just to succeed.

My thoughts you invade…..I drift off and dream.

I am surrounded by balloons and locked in a cage.  The world is distorted by the colorful kaleidoscope.  I see movement. 

A human.  Female, dressed from head to toe in black latex. 

My eyes widen as I realized I couldn’t move inside the cage.  I was tied down with balloon string. 

The hot latex chick looked over at me and I could tell she was smiling.  Her lips were zippered shut, but her eyes gave it away.  At least she was smiling, that has to be good. 

A man appears.  I recognize you.  I know why you are here. 

You pull out a knife and walk towards me.  My eyes focus on the blade.

You begin to pop the balloons inside the cage.

I am terrified.

The latex slave’s eyes have glossed over.  She is giddy with excitement and anticipation.

Master has chosen a second slave.


  1. you have a way of unlocking my fantacies.

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