balloon danger?

Balloons...not good hiding places.

Ok, this is scary.  I think I would keep a knife in my pocket just to be safe.


Miss J has cute feet!


I think I would like to try this inside a balloon trick.  I can’t imagine what a balloon that size costs!



  1. Its a weather balloon and can cost up to 100 dollars or more but they are fun. You could also get a cloudbuster balloon for around 20 bucks to 50 depending on size but the cloudbusters you wouldn’t be able to climb in.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can tape together a bunch of 50 Gallon garbage bags to simulate a big balloon!

  3. I like the secone one. I’ve seen lots of clips of people in balloons before, but that’s the only one I’ve seen that was tied off.

  4. Thanks for linking my video, I do enjoy detting inside big balloons, so does Miss J

  5. hi im new here and i am cliff snook i love big balloonsand yes got 1 of those 72″ clear climb ins i love thoseand that pic is hot!! i love girls! and girls in balloons! signed cliff.s

  6. well i have been inside a giant balloon and its not that pricy look here ots a great web site i love being inside it turns me on to jerk off after but then againn blowing huge balloons is always a turn on for me! signed cliff.s

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