opinion, point of view & bias

The 2012 Writer-In-Resident, Maggie Koerth-Baker held a workshop for writing majors.  She told us understanding a scientific journal is difficult for most people.  To make these journals easier to understand, she edits the articles into layman’s terms.

This workshop gave us first-hand experience in taking the important points of a journal and making it easier to comprehend.  Those attending the workshop rewrote a journal into a blog entry format.  Koerth­-Baker had worthy tips on blog writing and how blogging can lead to employment as a writer.

Koerth-Baker also listed important blog writing tips and facts.

  1. Blogs are people’s opinion.  They are all bias.
  2. Use loose, easy to understand vocabulary.
  3. Give your Point of View.  That’s what your blog is for.
  4. Write in short paragraphs.  This keeps readers attention.
  5. Summarize your angle.  Review and restate your opinion.
  6. Use a passive voice.  It sounds better.
  7. Avoid jargon.  If readers don’t understand what you write, they won’t understand your opinion.

Koerth-Baker has the amazing ability to take scientific mumbo-jumbo and write it as an understandable magazine article.  She makes it look easy, but after participating in the workshop, I realize this type of professional writing is difficult and can be very dry.  Koerth-Baker was able to make this workshop fun and interesting.

Spartan article  ~P.

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