Girlboxer is BACK

Ten-ish Years Ago

To say it’s been awhile since I posted would be an understatement. It’s been a LONG while.

And now, Miss Clairol no longer makes a dime on me.

I never dreamed my first post, after years of silence, would be about my cellphone number, but, such is the case.

This morning, the text messages I sent to someone to let them know their glass etching was done, came back undeliverable. (More on glass etching later) It said it was because my phone was inactive. I sent it 3 times, like I could convince it, that it, was in error. I tried to make a call, no luckies there either. I had switched to the MUCH cheaper, StraightTalk company, and assumed I had some type of problem with my autofill.

If only it had been that easy.

According to them, I had cancelled my phone number. That’s what a young, female operator told me. I replied, “there is no way I would cancel my phone number.” She replied, “on Nov. 19 it was canceled and your plan has ended.”

Now, my reaction was probably one she never encountered before. I said, “you’re saying I canceled my number?” And she said replied with “yes.”

I literally moaned, and said, “I’m going to throw up.” She said, “Oh, it’s going to be ok! We’ll get you a new phone number.” WELL, that was not what I wanted to hear. I knew that meant there was NO WAY I was getting my old phone number back, because my account wasn’t just canceled, my phone number was marked as no longer in use, and recycled back into the number system.

The heat in my stomach shot up what felt like 10 degrees, and I could feel my heart beating in my guts. The kiss of death was when my mouth began to water like a geyser, and I either had to hang up, or this poor girl was going to hear me dry heave like a drunk after a bender. Fortunately, it was early and I knew nothing was coming up but some coffee, tops.

She could not WAIT to transfer my call to another dude, who eventually told me the exact same thing. I did not dry heave in his ear. It had taken a moment to get transferred. I’m guessing she filled him in that I was totally losing my shit over the cancelled phone number. Not screaming and yelling, but moaning and dry heaving.

Good news, I have a new number. It’s not a 717 area code phone number. Hell, it’s not even a PA area code, it’s for South Carolina, but at least a have a working phone again.

I have made it through the day and thought this would be a good way to jump back into writing on my blog. In a way, I’m having the same type of problem with my blog. I foolishly didn’t get around to changing my card number after it expired. My website did not auto renew, so I lost my website original name, and have to choose a new one. That sucks even more then losing my phone number, I think.

The question is, what do I change it too? Or, I’m seriously considering

I’m really into etching glass. I also etch metal and my husband and I make wooden signs together. That all can be found on our Facebook page, CopenCrider Creations.

I want this blog to be more about my arts and hobbies (writing, painting, photography, glass-etching, balloon fun and outdoor adventures) and zero about divorce, which is what this blog had started with. Am I still going to write a book someday? Yes, I plan to. That will be down the road. I can’t even bring myself to read my old blog posts about divorce and custody. I also have a box and file cabinet of notes I don’t open. It is still very painful. I am happily remarried (part of why my writing died out) and my ex is remarried with wife #5. I wish them the absolute best.

All my original blog content will still be on whatever I name my new blog. It has to be as close to my original website name as possible. I have social media that I use to promote my arts and I use girlboxer1970 as my handle.

I am enjoying my new hobby of making TikToks. My YouTube channel of fun balloon videos, that are FREE, are still online and I’m adding more nearly every day. Some of my videos have been viewed over 63K times!

Please subscribe to my TicTok and YouTube! And, if you’re not a subscriber to my blog, please join in the FUN!!

Instagram, TikTok and YouTube for Girlboxer1970 fun!

You’ll be hearing more from me, I promise! It’s been forever since I clicked, PUBLISH!


Looner Study: What I learned from liking balloons


I did an interview with Practitioner’s TV about balloons. This YouTube channel is out of Philadelphia and came to visit me to learn about what looners are and balloon & latex fetishism, based on a paper I wrote while in York College of PA in May of 2012. I agreed to the interview because I was promised the show was to promote acceptance rather then ostracize those who love balloons. The interview will be release this Thursday, June 22, 2017.

I have never shared the results of my questionnaires with anyone other than my professor and people who submitted responses and wanted to see the final thesis paper. I decided to share the paper now that the episode was coming out so people could see the full study along with the interview and the awesome song written by Dave DeHart of They & Them. Here is the link to the song he wrote based on the interview.

< <—–Looner theme song written by Dave about my love for balloons.

Below are the links to my thesis paper for my professional writing class. I received a perfect score though she teased me I did miss some commas. 🙂

Complete Looner study   <—–PDF version

Complete Looner study <—–Word Doc version

Here is the link to my YouTube channel where I enjoy making videos for other people. They’re just me being silly, and blowing up balloons, and popping them. Either you’re into watching (or hearing) them or you’re not. It’s all good. I rarely make a video anymore, but I still think balloons are awesome.


Thanks for stopping by! If you like what you read and want others to read it too, show you care and share this post. 🙂 🙂

Please write me a note in the comments about your thoughts on the results of my paper.

Here’s the episode!!


There may be other links through the balloon tags on my blog site that don’t work. I had to delete tons of photos of balloons I had because I didn’t have space. 😦

What does practice mean?

Do you practice religion?

Religion has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My family has attended services since I was born. That tiny church was in a rural setting, where everyone knew each other, and probably their business too.

You know I’m right.

As an adult, I attended a large church for a few years with my husband and children. We got to know a few people but, as a friend were invited to join us once said, “It’s like God -The Machine” with so many attendees.

He was impressed with the drum kit the church owned. It was much like a concert, the opposite of my childhood church where we would watch people drift off to sleep, then snap their head back up, cause God was watching us all.

Once Covid hit, we stopped attending and haven’t returned since.

Do I still have my faith? Yes.

Do I get angry at God? Yes.

I ask forgiveness for that. G

God and I are good and I thank that alien in the sky daily for all provided.


Gift You Didn’t Request

Unwanted gifts from the ex that make you say, “hmmmm.”

She’s noted her stay at YCP TWICE! She refers to prison as camp.

A self-help book arrived in the mail for my husband from his ex-wife. Trust me, he is never interested in her gifts, no matter how thoughtful she thinks she is being. Cost over $10 to ship this surprise.

Keep in minds… she previously texted him all the reasons he should divorce me, starting with, I am a whore. 🙄

The craziest thing about this gifted book is she highlighted sections, redacted words and sections, and even cut out pages and an entire chapters titled, “When Hurt Hits Home” and “Ex is Remarrying” something my husband and I did in 2015.

Where those missing pages of help?

She only wants him to get the self help she highlighted, taking plenty out that she didn’t agree with! I swear she thinks he should take her back, as she says she’s still faithful to him. 😳

Where’s the rest of the book?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Who does this!?!

Crazy does. 😵‍💫


Visitor Ignored

Have you ever went to visit someone and they ignored you?

They say they want you to visit, but they do something completely different with other friends, right in front of you. Video games or hang outside while they vape weed or nicotine.

They decide to go somewhere to eat, but you just ate. Didn’t know eating out was going to be an option.

You sit off to the side, bored, wondering why you were told to come over. You didn’t expect others to be there, chatting away about things you don’t understand and don’t want to. You went from being the priority, to forgotten package in a side bin.

They’re all chill. You leave and vow that’s the last time.

Will it be?


Protected: My Sunday Meltdown

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Nope to broke

Have you ever broken a bone?

While I’ve never broken a bone, I ruptured my left Achilles tendon on January 19, which I’m told is far worse.

Yeah me, being that overachiever at all things.

Photo 3/16/23 is after my cast was removed and stitches snipped. Everything seemed to be going well.

A few weeks passed and I picked up an infection. The doctor’s didn’t act fast enough or maybe I should’ve pushed more for immediate care, but it got out of control.

April 24 deep infection

The internal (dissolvable) stitches forced their way out tendon, releasing 70% of what had been repaired. They did a second surgery.

The removal of these stitches was horrific. I cried.

After the surgery and 2 weeks of the cast, the stitches and cast were removed. I had only 30% attachment but the doctors are quick to say it could grow stronger through scar tissue build up. Doesn’t that sound so reassuring?

I made it to the beach this past weekend to attend my friends wedding. I’m just starting to walk again now in late May. Praying and staying positive to be able to one day do all the fun activities I love.

I might skip long-board skating in the future. But, maybe not!

Not broken, just on the slightly damaged shelf for now…


Hanging with the Hulk in Ocean City, MD.

Protected: The Day She Said Yes

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Bird Watching: the cat and I enjoy watching the birds. I admire their beauty and grace, and Cinder thinks, snackable.

Back to the boot

Before stitches are removed

The best part about going back to the boot is….it comes off easily and I can have a REAL shower. I’m so happy about that I could throw balloons in the shower with me to celebrate! (That’s not a bad idea…)

I need to put the boot on when I’m up and moving around, but sitting on the couch, I can take it off. Last night I didn’t wear the boot while I slept. When I wake up and even move a little, I instantly remember I’m injured.

The additional stress of this injury and my inability to move around without further injuring myself has been overwhelming. I fell last Tuesday (hurt my right shoulder) and Thursday after my doctor appointment. My cast was removed and the stitches in my ankle cut out. I was given care directions and finally could leave. I was thrilled to have that “cinderblock” removed from my leg.

We made a quick stop on the way home. After leaving the store, I came to the end of the sidewalk into the parking lot and my cart stopped, but my body didn’t. The pain was excruciating as my foot touched down and didn’t have my boot on yet. It was at home, forgotten.

Brian and several people came running to me, but I had to lay on the ground withering in pain before even attempting to stand back up. I couldn’t stop moaning and even put my hand over my mouth so everyone in the parking lot wouldn’t hear my wallowing. It took a good minute or two before I even wanted to try.

After the parking lot fall.

Safely back into the passengers seat, we headed home and my moaning turned into crying. Poor Brian didn’t know what to think. He asked if I needed to go right back to the hospital. I shook my head no but couldn’t speak. I did have some pain, but not enough to make me cry.

“What do you need? What can I do?” he asked in earnest, truly wanting to make me better.

I finally blurted out, “My ankle’s ok but I want my mommy!”

He wisely just let me cry it out, as there was no substitute for my mom. When I’m at the end of my rope, mom is my go to.

We visited my mom yesterday. I told her the story of falling in the parking lot and crying I wanted my mommy. We laughed and laughed. My mom knows the frustration I’m going through and it was wonderful to see her and share this little sliver of life.

I know someday when I cry and want my mommy, I won’t be able to just go visit. Cherish everyday with your loved ones.

Wednesday is my first day of physical therapy. I’m excited to get started. I’ve had PT in the past for injuries, none this serious, and had great success. I feel positive I can get back on track. No jump roping for a long time. Maybe even never!!

Healing ungracefully,


My left leg is SO skinny. Good thing muscle comes back quickly.

February already

Just watching my life fly by….from the couch.

The month of Love has arrived. It snuck in while I was under the influence of pain meds. Now Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and I have zero ideas for a gift for the hubby. I can’t even promise a good time, but I will be good company.

I’m currently in a plaster cast. It’s like having 2 concrete blocks on my leg. My toes are constantly cold and I haven’t been able to wash off all the doctor “signatures” on my leg. I covered my cast with a plastic bag and saran wrap and was able to kinda shower. If you’ve ever been laid up and tried to shower without getting certain parts wet, well, it’s a struggle. I still feel like a graffiti board.

The next appointment (and cast removal, I hope) is Feb 16th. I am excited at the thought of losing the cast and just having boot splint to wear. I still will be non-weight baring but it is a step in the right direction. One I am permitted to take.


Several friends and family have stopped by and I greatly appreciate the visitors, gifts, good ideas and prayers. The restrictions and inability to move around is worse then the pain.

I’ve also resigned to having hairy legs. Keeps me warm.

Keep on smiling,


Least sexiest boot ever

It’s completely severed. Damn.

Things were a bit rough today. It was hard to hear my Achilles tendon was completely severed. That it would not just grow back together if left unattended. I would be able to walk, but it would be nothing like what my active life has been. With surgery and good behavior, I could start to “kinda” walk again in 6 weeks and even have a full recovery in a year.

Spring is right around the corner and I have plans, so my goal is to be walking in April. Not sure how long I’ll need to wear this sexy boot after my cast is removed. Big Boots don’t work well on Boats. Big Boobs on Boats is a whole different story.

In other news, Tesla has her driver’s license after completing all necessary requirements and passing on her first try. The car her dad “surprised” her with for Christmas (that she has to pay for) is sitting in his driveway. She can’t drive it unless he’s with her because he doesn’t feel she’s ready yet. But, if I want to put insurance that covers her on the Volvo we bought her, he doesn’t care if she drives it to his house. Yeah, you read that right.

Also, Tesla started reading my old blog posts and has encouraged me to work on writing my book. We had a long conversation and I told her sensitive things that I have never blogged about because I didn’t want her to hear about them for the first time reading my blog.

As times passes, things get foggy. I am thankful I have all my blog posts and boxes, yes boxes, of paper notes. I’m going to need memory joggers.

Lastly, Matt is living with Brian’s parents. He won’t be moving back into our home.

I’m heading to bed. It’s been a day of disappointment, pain, aggravation and emotional hurt. I’m done.

Tomorrow is a fresh day,


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