Tomorrow is decision day

It is Sunday and I am taking a moment to reflect on tomorrow.

A judge will decide where Tesla will live.  My daughter knows in the past, decision were made for her and for her parents, by someone who works at the courthouse.  A Judge, in this case, Judge Dorney will decide who Tesla will spend the majority of her time.

John pled his case.  Heather backed him up on his awesomeness.  Diane and Todd took the stand, said things that may or may not have helped John’s case.  LaDonna took the stand and in my opinion, mouthed the words she had been instructed to say.  What else can she do?  She still wants a paycheck from the business.  She may feel indebted to John, at one time he loaned La $4,000 without mentioning a word to me.  In fact, he told La not to mention the loan.  After I was moved out and she continued working for John, he suggested she move in with her daughters, Kennedy and Ashtyn.  John liked to think of everyone as family and their kids, his kids.  LaDonna had no interest in moving in with John, as her boyfriend or otherwise.  There’s just so much that doesn’t get brought up in court.  At least not the custody court.  Who knows how the divorce court will go.

I pled my case.  It was pretty simple.  Dale took the stand and testified on my behalf.  As did my son Jarrid.  It all boils down to which story sounds the most truthful to Judge Dorney and which parent she feels will have Tesla’s interests first.

No matter what the decision is, it will have to be explained to a five and a half-year old.

No easy task,


What sticks out in my mind

Today has just been testimony of John and his witnesses.  LaDonna, Diane, Todd, Heather and John took the stand to testify to on John’s behalf.

I was called today also.  My lawyer and I didn’t expect that but I never know what to expect.  I testified to how John and I met.  His lawyer asked me if I felt John had used me to have a baby.  I testified “at that time I didn’t, but I do now.”

Then John testified to ending a marriage that was not broken (Diane) to be with me so he would be able to have children.  He wanted a child.

I almost started to cry.  He makes it sound like I was just a side-note.  His goal was completely centered around him.  To make a child.  Once he achieved that and found that I was not going to be able to have anymore children, he was done with me.

Our relationship ended because of his controlling personality and insistence on having everything his way.

I pray the court system sees what the real situation was.

Also, I didn’t appreciate LaDonna making it sound like I never cared for my child.  What the hell does the office manager really know about what Tesla and I did after “work hours” were done for the day?

Tomorrow Dale, Jarrid and I testify.



2 hours at York County Courthouse

Well, the day finally arrived.   Custody hearing was scheduled for 1:30 pm today.  This hearing was a “special hearing” and scheduled over a month ago.  So much for special.

My son Jarrid was at the courthouse at 1 pm.  Dale, Kristin, Kym and I arrived at 1:15.  My lawyer, Rob Krug was already there.  John was present and had Heather, LaDonna, Diane (first wife) and Todd (step-son) there.  I feel a bit bad that he is dragging all these people in to testify.  I said hi to Diane and Todd.  LaDonna came over and we chatted for a good while.  I hadn’t seen her wedding rings in person yet.

Well, I don’t feel bad for Heather.  Her testimony should be interesting.   Maybe John’s attorney, Doug France won’t have her testify.  I didn’t see John’s other attorney, Laurin Kearny.  She was ripped up one side and down the other by Judge Dorney during one of the previous hearing.  I found it very amusing….

There was no testimony today.  The custody hearing before ours was running way over its scheduled time.  Judge Dorney insisted we wait and finally around 3:30 pm she sent out a note rescheduling for tomorrow at 1:30 pm.  What a wasted day.  I missed classes today, will miss classes tomorrow and lose most of Friday with all this court dates.

How frustrating!  So tomorrow, John and crew will take the stand as he is the complainant.  Friday myself, Dale and Jarrid will testify.  Of course we can recall any of John’s witnesses and question John.

Will keep you posted!!

Thanks for all your messages and visits today!

Back to feeding the meters tomorrow,


Dear Dale III

Dear Dale,

   Thank you for standing by my side during this incredibly stressful time.  I apologize that you are pulled into my drama by an angry man who wants everything for himself and is driven to keep happiness from me. 

    I feel you are a blessing in my life and I am so happy I met you.  Even if I had to go through years of believing there was never going to be a man in my life that I would allow myself to care about. 

   Attorney Kearney tried her best during the contempt hearing to put a smear on your name.  I could tell by the look on John’s face he was certainly hoping you had a criminal past so once again, he would control who could be in my life.  It was just so convenient after the contempt hearing for you to go to the Clerk of Courts and for $11 prove you have no record.  Perhaps John and his young attorney should do more research prior to rushing into the courtroom full of inaccurate information.

   Dale you are a wonderful, sweet man and I look forward to the day all this custody and divorce drama has passed so we can start a normal life together.  Tesla enjoys your company and the time you give us.  It didn’t surprise me when she asked why you didn’t “live” here too.   While I would never assume what Tesla thinks, she made it pretty clear when she said she thinks you should live here also.  At least Tesla and I are on the same page!

Glad you’re in my corner,


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