What sticks out in my mind

Today has just been testimony of John and his witnesses.  LaDonna, Diane, Todd, Heather and John took the stand to testify to on John’s behalf.

I was called today also.  My lawyer and I didn’t expect that but I never know what to expect.  I testified to how John and I met.  His lawyer asked me if I felt John had used me to have a baby.  I testified “at that time I didn’t, but I do now.”

Then John testified to ending a marriage that was not broken (Diane) to be with me so he would be able to have children.  He wanted a child.

I almost started to cry.  He makes it sound like I was just a side-note.  His goal was completely centered around him.  To make a child.  Once he achieved that and found that I was not going to be able to have anymore children, he was done with me.

Our relationship ended because of his controlling personality and insistence on having everything his way.

I pray the court system sees what the real situation was.

Also, I didn’t appreciate LaDonna making it sound like I never cared for my child.  What the hell does the office manager really know about what Tesla and I did after “work hours” were done for the day?

Tomorrow Dale, Jarrid and I testify.




  1. The words “slime”, “douchebag” and “asshat” apply to John and since I am feeling particularly feisty, “internecine” and “seminal vesicle” also apply.

  2. Another Anonymous Friend says:

    So basically the whole time you were just an incubator at his disposal? WTF? Does this man think he is going to have more babies with this Heather chick that already has a clan of her own? What is he going for — trying to have enough kids to be tax exempt or something??

    Pattie you are so much better off without him. One of these days soon I hope that your divorce is final and you can wash your hands of this jackass! Until then keep your chin up and hopefully the judge will see what an ass you are dealing with.

    Hugs & words of encouragement to you!

  3. A real friend of Patties.. TEAM PATTIE.. says:

    I told you not to trust Ladonna.. She is still on John’s payroll.. You never trust a snake in the grass.. Ladonna must have 2 faces.. It is such a shame.. John I can’t believe he used you.. The est part of this would be for you to get FULL CUSTODY… It would serve him right.. I am so sorry for the way he made you feel..

  4. A real friend of Patties.. TEAM PATTIE.. says:

    So sorry for my error.. The best part of all this would be for Pattie to get FULL CUSTODY..

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