Dear John~creditors called

Dear John,

I gave up on the Roman number titles.

A creditor called and wanted to talk to me (Well, Patricia Delauter) about the Visa cards that are way overdue.  They want to offer a settlement amount on the balance.  Remember the Platinum Visa cards.  The Marriott Platinum Visa cards?  One was in the company name and we used it for business.  The other card was for personal use, for both of us.  We each had our own card.

The last things purchased on those cards were

1. Ying

2. yearly Marriott Las Vegas Timeshare

3. Groceries


While I still have Ying and owe money on my hairless dog, you also still owe for Ying.  Half of Ying $600.

I can’t remember what the yearly fee was but I think about a grand on each.  We have two Vegas timeshares.  One wasn’t good enough and now one of in default.  The yearly payment covered your trip to Florida.  You Tesla, Kelly and her kids used that timeshare yet I am stuck with the damn bill?

Groceries were the ones I bought, the day I came back to give you another chance.  What a waste of time that was.

So now I am going back to homework.  The creditor appreciated me updating her on my inability to settle on this credit card.  She will call back in a month.  Not that I think they would ever forget to call.

So back to painting and I’ll see you in court my future ex-hubby.


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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