Stressful Morning

I went to Spanish class this morning only because I had a test. The professora had multiple errors on the exam and on the answer sheet. I became so frustrated and overwhelmed I could not think or write in Spanish. As time ran out and I was the only student still writing my brain completely shut down. I had answers written on the exam and on the answer sheet.
Seriously, I could not focus. Even though I studied for a couple HOURS the night before, I know I did not do well.

All this stress and drama with court is hurting my grades. I can’t concentrate for shit with custody court happening this afternoon.

I went to my religions professor to tell her I wouldn’t be in class this afternoon because of court. I couldn’t hold back my tears and wound up crying in her office. Professor Shusko was very sympathetic and said “go ahead and cry. better to get it out now than later.”

I did get a grip finally and talked to another professor about Literature class. Dr. Seigal said not to worry about missing class today. He said to focus on court and no matter what happens, things will work out.

Bless the understanding professors at YCP!

Frustrated but hanging in,


  1. Good luck today

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