I saw it on the back of a car

Someone sent me a message saying they saw my blogsite on a bumper sticker.  Cool!

My blog is so diverse I pick up readers from all over the world.  They don’t know me from the Man in the Moon.

I was asked in court why I blog.  I blog because I started it for school.  My personal life became a category.  So I started blogging for school and began writing about my life.  I believe I write about so many things, how can my blog about my life be such an issue?

Is it really that big a deal to write about my life?  Is it any different from having to go to court and testify about the exact same thing….my life with John?




  1. Good luck 2morrow. I would be happy not to be mentioned in John’s business since he does things illegal. Cant wait till they get to that part!!! LaDonna will be without a job so her judgement will be nothing but karma and karma is the best bitch I know!

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