Now the three week wait

I just got home from picking up Tesla.  It was again a disaster as John said he had pumpkin carving planned and I had to wait until 5 PM to get Tesla.  It didn’t matter that we were out of court early and I could get her right after school.  He demanded he get his last hour with Tess.  Heather ordered me to “leave their property or she would call the cops.”  My response was “why are you even talking?”

I wasted an hour so John and Heather could get that last hour in so Tesla could hollow out a pumpkin and put Mr. Potato Head pieces all over it.  It was cute and  I am happy that Tesla enjoyed it, but it would have made more sense to me to wait until all 5 kids were there and just let Tess leave an hour early with her mom.  As John testified in court, I lose time with Tesla.  Her gymnastics and dance and on the days she goes back to John I don’t get my last hour.  She’s dropped off at the house and there is no sense in me driving back to Windsor for an hour.

So I have to wait 3 weeks for Judge Dorney to decide who Tesla will live with.  My lawyer feels we made our point.  The questioning process during court is very strange.  For example, John’s lawyer asked Jarrid what his Mom tattoo meant.  Jarrid explained the tattoo and in doing so impressed the Judge at how well thought out his tattoos were.

Judge Dorney also said she will decide on one parent for majority custody and feels the divorce needs to be wrapped up.  I agree.  🙂

More later,



  1. Heather has no place ordering anyone off property she doesn’t have any legal claim to.

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