Who are your friends?

Over the past three years, I have been trying to develop the ability to judge “true friends” from the “fake ass wanna be friends” that just use you for their own benefit.

Don’t you hate being fooled by those “fakes” that say the right things, at the right time then show their true colors later?  Takes any amount of respect I had for that person and flushes it right down the toilet.

I don’t fake friendship.  You either know if I like you or don’t.  When I dislike someone I pretty much block them out of my life.  Even if they are right in front of me talking, shouting, etc.  If I don’t have to utter one word, not a single breath on this person, I won’t.

I would much rather save my breath for my friends and family that I care about and they care about me.  Appreciating a true friend is so important.  My true friends have been in my life supporting me during the toughest of times.  In return, I am there for them.

I don’t need fake friends.  I especially don’t need fake friends who testify on my husband’s behalf to make me look bad.  Just so everyone knows, the truth will eventually come out and it won’t matter what John’s witnesses have been coached to say.

Fake friends apply elsewhere,





  1. Yes in tough times you find out who your friends are…..

  2. Some people just suck.

  3. always here for you and i hope you know that……….love you since 6th grade.

  4. Do your courts over there take perjury seriously, because they really should consider if they are close enough friends to do jail time for him…..

    • I’m sure they do. What sucks is I don’t hate this person but her being under John’s thumb is unbelievable. I can’t wrap my head around why she even continues to work there. At one time I thought La was my friend but things change. I am all about my friends. I still see this person I used to call my secretary only because her kids are my friends and they never stabbed me in the back. 🙂

  5. Some people are fucked up

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