An interesting note

I was just thinking how interesting is was that even after multiple contempt charges, I was only ever found guilty of writing “on the driveway” and “on the truck tires” in chalk.  The “hindering of business” is what got me yanked out of my house.

If you shared property and business with your spouse and there was an issue with worker’s compensation taxes, employee taxes and truck insurance wouldn’t you be concerned that the trucks were still going to roll out of your driveway and possibly be involved in an accident?  Sorry I tried to warn the employees.  I guess I was just to turn a blind eye.

Do you recall all the contempt charges that had been filed against me?

My home stability has been established.  Finally!

The judge did not find me in contempt for my blog, as I predicted.  Ha!

All that barking made by John and his lawyers about my home and blog!  Other than costing a fortune in lawyer fees, it didn’t amount to dick.

So I blog onward, passing 30,000 site visits now.  I feel good about the custody hearing.  Not that I am 100 percent certain a court will grant me majority custody, but, that the future is promising.  No matter where Tesla lives, she knows her mommy will be there for her.



P.S. Judge Dorney asked how long I have been interested in writing and I answered, “I started writing in a journal in 7th grade.”  She appeared impressed.



  1. The fact that there are people out there who are unable to understand the binding quality of oaths, vows, and promises is tragic as well as sad. An oath to tell the truth, a vow to be faithful, and a promise broken doesn’t just hurt one person. It hurts many. In this modern age, it is perfectly acceptable to marry someone and get a divorce if it doesn’t work out. I know, I’ve done it four times before finally getting it right. My vow of “until death do we part” became meaningless as I have chosen poorly. I have never lied under oath in a court. I don’t make promises I can’t keep. At some point, one’s word has to mean something more than momentary seriousness. John’s word, and the word of questionable witnesses, while under oath proves that to him words are meaningless drivel in the long term. People who are charged with observing this transparency, like court judges, see through it easily. People that lie lose the respect of that said judge as a lie under oath is a perjury offense and an indicator toward future behavior that will be founded upon broken oaths, vows and promises; which in whole or in part is a type of psychological and emotional abuse if applied to parenting skills. The judge is not stupid, though John was counting on it as he often takes advantage of the stupid (i.e. Little Miss Illiterate) and often plays those who can see through his manipulation against themselves. John won’t get away with it now, as he has done most of his life. He probably will be unable to reason why he lost majority custody and blame others instead of himself to avoid any kind of personal growth and maturity evolution.

    To wit: John is a douche nozzle.

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