Tomorrow is decision day

It is Sunday and I am taking a moment to reflect on tomorrow.

A judge will decide where Tesla will live.  My daughter knows in the past, decision were made for her and for her parents, by someone who works at the courthouse.  A Judge, in this case, Judge Dorney will decide who Tesla will spend the majority of her time.

John pled his case.  Heather backed him up on his awesomeness.  Diane and Todd took the stand, said things that may or may not have helped John’s case.  LaDonna took the stand and in my opinion, mouthed the words she had been instructed to say.  What else can she do?  She still wants a paycheck from the business.  She may feel indebted to John, at one time he loaned La $4,000 without mentioning a word to me.  In fact, he told La not to mention the loan.  After I was moved out and she continued working for John, he suggested she move in with her daughters, Kennedy and Ashtyn.  John liked to think of everyone as family and their kids, his kids.  LaDonna had no interest in moving in with John, as her boyfriend or otherwise.  There’s just so much that doesn’t get brought up in court.  At least not the custody court.  Who knows how the divorce court will go.

I pled my case.  It was pretty simple.  Dale took the stand and testified on my behalf.  As did my son Jarrid.  It all boils down to which story sounds the most truthful to Judge Dorney and which parent she feels will have Tesla’s interests first.

No matter what the decision is, it will have to be explained to a five and a half-year old.

No easy task,



  1. Patti I will keep you and yours in my prayers. This is hard to completely grasp as I never had to fight for the custody of my children and I can only imagine that it is a heart wrenching experience.

  2. Praying that judge dorney sees through john’s and his witnesses lies and stupidity. I am trying to be able to be there tomorrow for you no matter the verdict. For a shoulder to cry on or a hug for congrats. Think positive keep your head up ( I know it is hard). I love you

  3. Not everyone who lies in court get what they want, especially when they are sharing functioning neurons and possibly teeth.

  4. #1 Pattie fan says:

    Good luck tomorrow and know no matter what the decision is Tesla will always love her mommy and unfortunately her dad too but time will always prove whether the decision was the right or wrong one. Believe me if I could be there I would just to get a laugh at the home wreckers face.

  5. Whatever happens dont let the piece of shit beat you down. Please think about getting a lawyer for Tesla. They are free and work in the best interest of the child. As far as the divorce goes, you have to out him to the IRS and get a forensic accountant. His time is coming.
    Stay strong doll, he is just a male (not a man) and you know his achilles heel, go for it now.

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