Dear John~got insurance

Dear John,

So much of what you say is bullshit, I barely can stomach hearing you talk.  There is little I believe, that you say.

Once again, I wasn’t surprised when you were at the house this morning.  I’m not sure why I even ask if you can meet me in the mornings to exchange Tesla.  Today you were going to be working, but like I said, you were home instead.  Now why was it you couldn’t meet me this morning?

I find it just ironic that when Tesla has any type of appointment for her health, whether physical or mental, you are more worried about the cost more than anything else.  Today, Tesla had to have blood drawn to make sure she wasn’t infected with lyme’s disease by a tick.  Before the painful process of having her little arms stuck twice, the nurse asked for Tesla’s insurance.  I waited a moment to see if you would pipe up with some answer, but you didn’t.  Just waited for me to break out my welfare card.

After the appointment we went our separate ways…Tesla with me and Heather and two of her girls with you.  I’m not sure why Heather and kids needed to tag along.  Perhaps you all had somewhere important to go.

My text to you “it’s nice how me being on welfare keeps your child’s medical bills paid huh?”

Your response made no sense….”I wouldn’t know.  I’m not on welfare.”

I replied “No..but you don’t have a problem using me to get Tesla’s bills paid.”

I find it pathetic that you continue to drag this divorce out.  You use my unfortunate situation to take advantage of the state’s welfare system.  I believe if you could stretch this divorce out for all eternity, you would.  That way you can continue to claim all business proceeds as just your income, never have to settle on our maritial home and have your child’s medical bills all paid, school lunches covered etc.  The $52 a month paid for alimony is much cheaper than paying for health insurance isn’t it?  Meanwhile you and your girlfriend with her 4 kids continue on, as if you don’t have a wife who is waiting for a divorce.

Shame on you for using me, the welfare system and your child for your own benefit.

Your Greed is showing,



  1. #1 Pattie fan says:

    Why were the homewreckers kids not in school? Its amazing how he and she can get away with everything they do. I wonder if they get free Christmas presents for claiming poverty? You need to make sure that when you finally gey the divorce it has him paying for medical insurance.

  2. In order to feel important and show that she mistakenly thinks John feels she’s important, Little Miss Illiterate injects herself and her children in meetings between you, John, and Tesla. It’s her way of showing that she is in John’s life in a meaningful way and that you are not in an effort to validate her relationship with the Sock Puppet (John). This behavior only demonstrates the level of her delusional reality that any woman means something to the Sock Puppet, when women are possessions to him and baby factories worthy of fertile plowing. When you get custody, you should be aware that Little Miss Illiterate will be revving up her drama machine by inserting herself as second mother to your daughter and that she will probably contrast the relationship she has with her own spawn to the relationship she has with Tesla probably in the effect that Tesla will be forced to call her “Mom” when you aren’t looking. If the Sock Puppet gets custody, you need to call Welfare and Child Services on him and her, because their abuse of her will only escalate to the realm where she is the new “Mommy” and you are the old one.

  3. I think Tesla needs that Lawyer con grata so her needs are first and John gets to eat shit

  4. Been There Done That says:

    Okay a couple things to say and maybe you will pass this comment on to John. HOPEFULLY you will BOTH really think about this and maybe stop fighting over two stupid things, you fight enough!!
    Insurance: You both need to make copies of the front and back of your respective cards and give it to each other to start with. Second, you can use both cards at every appointment. John’s will go first but the state card is always secondary. That way no one pays co-pays and the state will cover what John’s doesn’t. John would have to call his insurance and clarify that it is medical assistance and always secondary though. It’s a win win for both of you because if John is paying domestics then YOU pattie are by law required to pay the first 250.00 of medical bills and then a percentage of any other bills. So look at it this way, he is saving you money by not using his card. Its so simple and it will stop the fighting!!!
    Clothing Tags: Been there done that. Don’t assume its a possesion thing. When you assume it leads to dumb arguments. I’ve seen it done simply because the child has soo many clothes that the parents actually forget who’s is who’s after awhile. If you want to avoid it altogether then get a bag just for her clothes. Send a complete outfit: socks, underware, jeans and shirt of yours in it. When she comes back she will be wearing those clothes and he can send a complete outfit of his for her to go back to his house and so forth. Both of these things that you have written about are easy fixes and it seems as though the problem with you two is that you BOTH want to knit-pick everything. Personally I think if you two could get over these “little” issues she would be adjusting better, not fully but better off than she can be now. I know its hard, been there and done that remember. But one of you eventually has to be the bigger person and cave on some of these little things… is a phrase that fits what I’m trying to tell you, “Pick your battles wisely.” This is not criticism to either of you just advice that has worked for me. You never know, I’ve seen on your posts that Heather has children, maybe it worked for her and she’s trying to help. Best of Luck to you both but most ESPECIALLY your little girl.

    • I fully agree there is to much fighting over stupid things. As for the medical insurance, he dropped his policy for the three of us so he has no card. Secondly, I would understand the labeling of Tesla’s clothes with perhaps TD but I don’t get the DAD and MOM labels. I really don’t get the TM in the clothes. John is able to talk to me any time he wishes. He just chooses to do as he pleases instead. I just want my daughter to be happy. If she says she wants to live with me, then I think she should be living with me. I don’t think it should have come to a judge deciding but, if that’s what it takes then so be it. John has his super big family now. He will just have to get used to the idea he doesn’t always get his way.

      Thank you for your comments. I would like to know if you think Tesla should go on Monday to hear the verdict? ~P.

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