Requests so Far

Pool Floats and balloon popping fun.

Took about 15 minutes to blow this up with my friend, Lonna
Lonna & Pattie POP

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve started posting balloon videos and talking to other looners again. Often they message with videos they want. Some of the requests I get are not surprising, others raise my eyebrows. I will never mention anyone’s name or information that would reveal who they are. Privacy is important, but writing about this experience is a way for others to learn.

The standard request. . .if I will hump a balloon (simulating sex) and that will always be a no. I do sit pop, and sometimes it’s a struggle to get those good balloons to blow, but I am not simulating sex. I am just fighting good latex to the death.

I get asked to act like other people. I take the time to learn who they want me to write about, or act like, and why. Once I know what they want to hear a story about, I will take it from there. Writing is my thing, before balloons even. I will take whatever is floating around in their head and give it structure.

Very popular is cigarette popping videos. I could probably do them everyday and get twice as many followers, but I quit smoking in 2013. I need to come up with something else to use. I’m thinking incense sticks…?

I look mean. I am not. 🙂

Inflatables is another popular request. Yes, I do love blowing up inflatables. I will make a video for you of me blowing one up that you choose to send. Pool toys are awesome fun. I love the giant heart float that was a gift.

The strangest request I’ve received was if I would stab a soccer ball with a knife.

Yeah, that raised my eyebrows.

Keep popping!


Sharks & Octopus

These are my two favorite animals.  I have a tattoo of a hammerhead on my ankle and an octopus on my chest.

Today’s picture search for balloons all have to do with my favorite animals.

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny stopped by my home last night.  Didn’t leave ANY candy, only balloon shrapnel!

Vinyl, Latex and Inflated fun

Hand Job available

Now I’ve been thinking about all the different fetishes there are…it’s almost endless.   I like the smell and feel of vinyl & latex.

Latex is a popular stimulant to some people.  It causes allergic reactions to others.  Balloons, condoms, clothing and more….The picture of the lady in black latex with the black cat is a friend of mine!

Vinyl is also a popular stimulant.  This isn’t anything new.  Many people like the feel and smell of vinyl.  Furniture, clothing, even records!  Some of that furniture just screams kinky fun!

Examples of inflatables, vinyl & latex that catch my eye (if only I could afford and had room for some of this stuff!!)

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What looks the most fun to you?


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