Hanging Round Wolf

My day started in Humanities, but ended in Wolf.  Photos by Pattie Crider  Girlboxer1970











When Professors are Late

When professors are running late and the door is locked, we gather in the hall and wait patiently.  If they don’t show within 15 minutes, we roll.  ~P.

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Girl in a glance

She stretches out in her chair.
Long, lean legs, feet draped in sandals.
Ivory leather weaving in and out of her toes.
Soft from wear, intricate knots holding fast.
Her piggies so cute….painted dark green.
Shiny, sexy…I try not to stare.

She crosses her legs, beginning a rhythmic rocking to unheard music.
Wiggling her toes..inviting for horsey rides.
Expertly shaven, they beg for touch.
A test for smoothness and search for skipped hairs.

Denim cut-offs, short but not Daisy in style.
Frayed on the end, pocket tips peak out at the bottom.
Belted at her waist, silver rivets in double rows wrapped-round in cotton.

Brilliant orange t-shirt, long-sleeve, tightly fitting her form.
Breasts beg for attention, not caring if she agrees.
Tiny buttons, open -inviting a glance.
A deep V forged, tantalizing….forbidden.

Ponytail -barely there.
Wisps of dirty blonde hair escape or were never captured.
Limp curls frame her face.
Clean and clear….natural beauty.

Eyes of brown, bright and alert.
Button nose with slight flare.
Balanced lips, quick to smile.
Perfect ears punctuated with piercings.
Tiny stones glinting- with the rocking of her sandaled foot and shiny toes.

Dear Meghan~missing you

Dear Meghan,

This afternoon, I just learned in person from Travis K that you were in a car accident and died.  I was making copies of the secrets from Lauren Robinson work of art “The Web of Secrets 2012” when Travis approached me.  He didn’t know what I was coping.  As soon as he told me I got goosebumps and looked down at the copier.  Meghan you are gone and I will never see or talk to you again.  We were both writing majors.  We shared story ideas, work-shopped story lines and enjoyed discussing art.  I wonder if one of the secrets I copied may have been yours…

I know you treasured life and you touched the lives of many.  You have been released from the earth to a much better place and even get wings to boot.  I am happy for you, but feel loss as expected.  Bless your surviving family.  God has a plan for you in heaven and I am certain it involves endless ink in a gold pen and sheets of the finest grade paper stock imaginable.

Rest in peace my friend,



Victims sometimes feel too ashamed to admit when something bad happens to them.  This is a natural reaction. 

I remember feeling ashamed after I was attacked by a neighbor/classmate while his brother and another neighbor stood nearby.  I remember it clearly, like it was yesterday.

I was at church cleaning like I always did once a week.  Granville and Larry D. were outside with a kid and I could hear them talking because I had the windows open.  There was no air-conditioning at Rohler’s back then. 

I walked over to the window and yelled out hello.  They rode their bikes up to the window and looked inside, wanting to know what I was doing.  I said I was cleaning the church then going home.  The next thing I knew, Granville was crawling through the window.

“You can’t come in here,” I told him.  He ignored me and was in the church in a matter of seconds.  “What are you doing?” I asked.  He didn’t have to answer.  When he grabbed my arm and started to pull me towards the baby nursery room I knew why he climbed through.

I thought to myself, I am not losing my virginity to this dirt ball.  I took off for the front door only to find I had locked it to “keep me safer.”  Now I realized I was locked inside so I ran downstairs, came up the other side, into the new wing of the church and locked myself in the bathroom.  Granville was yanking on the doorknob and trying to get me to come back out.  It got quiet after a little bit and I thought he had left.  As soon as I cracked the door he shoved his hand in and grabbed me.  I shoved past him using the door to my advantage and ran back into the main part of the church.

He ran after me and I tried to get back into the nursery without him getting through the door.  I didn’t even get the door shut and he had a hold of me again.  He was yanking the front of my jeans down but I had a belt on and that is what saved me.  He couldn’t get my belt open with me viciously attacking him with my fingernails.  His arms and face were bleeding.  I don’t know why I didn’t start to scream for help.  It was surreal…how could this be happening in the church I’ve been going to all my life?!

Finally, Granville’s brother yelled in, “come on Bud, let her go.”  I guess Granville realized it wasn’t going to be easy to rape me and his brother and friend were not going to help him.  He left the same way he came in and I closed and locked all the windows.  I felt stupid for allowing this to happen and embarrassed, like I would be blamed because I yelled out a hello to the guys.

I finished cleaning the church and walked home.  I never told anyone.  The next morning he walked past me on the bus and smiled.  I wanted to throw up.  Later I saw my friend Holly in study hall.  She came over to me and said, “Granville said he tried to rape you and that’s why he is all cut up.”  I was mortified and denied it.  I know Holly was just trying to be a good friend, but I was ashamed. 

I no longer feel ashamed as I realize I did nothing wrong and certainly didn’t encourage his behavior.  Too many women become silent victims in physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  Until this stops, crimes against women continue to go unreported, devastating them and ruining their life.  I was lucky that day and I count my blessings.


The Most Epic Fancy Friday Ever

By: Thomas E. Delphi  York College of PA

I want to invite people from every continent on the face of the planet! THE FANCY UPRISING HAS BEGUN, HEIL DRESS PAN-… Ahem…allow me to explain.
Fancy Friday is a small holliday started in York College of Pennsylvania. Every F…riday, particpants, men and women both young and old, will elect to dress well for the day, changing polos and t-shirts for suits and dresses, dress shoes and heels. Casual Wear, barring work requirements, is considered unacceptible. If you DON’T like the idea of Fancy Friday, that’s fine, you don’t need to participate.
If you like the idea, act and dress well on March 9th and perform the following:
On Friday, March 9th, I would like at least one participant from each of the following regions of the Planet: East Asia (China, Japan, Korea), West Asia (The Middle East), South Asia (India to Iran), South East Asia (Vietnam to the Phillipines), Central Asia (Kazakhstan!), North Asia (East Russia), North Africa, Central Africa, South Africa, West Europe, East Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, South America, Central America & the Carribean, North America and Oceana.
I would like everyone who participates around the world to post a picture of themselves in their Fancy Friday attire onto Facebook. As such, I would hope everyone I invite to participate will pass on the invitation to their friends and post this event to their Facebook feed.
Stay classy kids and lets make this happen!

Take that Friday!

It’s something everyone dreams of having but rarely ever achieves.

Every new day is a chance to give it another shot.

You start at perfect because you just woke up.

Within seconds you determine your situation.

Alive and …….


  •             kissed by Dale as he left for work.  He’s in just so freaking awesome.  I take my turn in the shower at risk.  Dale takes long showers, the water may be cool to cold.  Errr….

  •             ah….the shower is hot!  I grab a pair of jeans and I like how they fit (Goodwill bargain new size 14 Old Navy jeans $5.99,  a YCP T-shirt (L) $5, matching socks, and Nike sneakers (Goodwill, $4.99) and finally my Harley jacket ($350.00 Laugermans; my former life.)

  •              drove my reliable Honda ($42) safely to campus with no red lights and I wasn’t even trying.  Seriously.

  •             pulling into my favorite area to park a student waved and pointed towards her car.  I smiled, put it in reverse and was ready….cause no one but me was getting this prime parking spot!  I grab my book bag and coffee and make a bee line for the doors.  Out of the corner of my eye (perfect vision $24o0. Lasik) I see Allyson Rump, a friend who is involved with the campus newspaper (The Spartan.  Check it out!) and we gravitate towards each other.  I asked how she was and she said good.  She inquired in return and I gushed how awesome my day had been so far.

  •          woke up on time, coffee is made and delicious, car started, no traffic or light issues and I’m ready for the day.  It’s been great.  Allyson stops and says, “I’m going to make it even better!” 


  •           for the first time I notice she has a baking tin in her hands and I stop also, taking a swig of my perfect coffee.  “I have cookies!” and she pulls back the tinfoil covering the sugary delights!  Allyson rocks!

  •          continuing towards the humanities building, I see my friend Justin smoking outside, but not 25 feet from the building and I resist the urge to bum a smoke.  I refuse to waste any money on cigarettes but don’t want to become a cig bummer.


  •          someone held the entrance door open for me and  I followed a trail of students up a floor.  Again, the door was held open.  Arrived at Geography class, door propped open and took my chosen seat (first seat in the first row, desk and chair not welded together and closest to the door.  I’m the special person in the class.)


  •          Books and pen were in my bag and I placed them on my desk, began eating my cookie and  actually had time to jot down some notes for this blog.  I had no specific reason why I wanted to take notes, but I am glad I did.

  •         class wasn’t bad and my professor’s lectures are at least interesting.  She has travelled extensively and I’m wildly jealous.  Fifty minutes later I was out the door first and on my way to Tesla’s school.

  •          I arrived early and had lunch with Tesla and her classmates.  The pizza was pretty damn good but I passed on the carrots.  So did Tesla.  I finished the little bit of pizza Tesla didn’t want to eat.  We went outside for recess and I was surrounded by fifty little kidlings.  We played tag and ran around the playground trying not to crash into each other.  All the kids wanted to be “it” at some point, the bad part was they all wanted to tag me!  Tesla and Bria each held my hand walking back into the school.   

  •      we worked on journaling in Ms. Dettinger’s class.  I don’t just help Tesla of course, but all the kids.  They are so adorable!  You need the patience of a saint to be a teacher though.  Volunteering works perfect for me.

  •       back on the road, listening to my fuzzy sounding radio but thinking at least I have one.  Immediately the radio shuts off and I was WTF?  Thirty seconds pass and it comes back on.  I sighed and rolled my eyes upward, “Yes God, I am thankful for even little things.”

  •        ran into someone I knew and talked a bit about both our divorces.  According to this person, the word is John isn’t to happy with his latest girlfriend.  I had to giggle as it’s not the first time I heard that.  John will never be happy with any female in his life. 

  •       on a whim I stop at a kids clothing consignment shop and find three gymnastics outfits for Tesla.  One is brand new from Danskin!  ($14 total for all three)

  •        called Tesla and told her about the outfits.  She was very excited and wanted to know when I would come pick her up.  I told her I would talk to her dad about spending some time together.  She wanted me to talk to him immediately, but I’ve found email and texting to work much better.  Tesla and I chatted a little more and then she had to go.  It was just awesome seeing Tesla at school and not having to deal with her father, his gf or any of their drama!


  •        talked to Dale and we decided to meet at Chili’s for dinner.  We had won a gift card awhile back and not used it yet.  I took a seat at the bar and waited for Dale to arrive.  The classic margarita was soothing and the surrounding smells made my mouth water.  We moved to a booth and had chicken alfredo and steak for dinner.  I fell in love with Chili’s guacamole sauce.   Yummy!  🙂


  •        went home, walked Ying, talked to my mom and later to my sister.  Suz is all moved into her new place and lives right up the road from us.  Awesome!  Tesla and Blaine will see each other so much more!

  •       watched some TV with Dale.  This show about a store called Obscura is really bizarre.  I liked it! 


  •     climbed into bed, next to my awesome man and realized “in my world, I had just had a perfect day.”

I’ll take that Friday and many more, just like it!


Life is good, enjoy,





York College Sculpture Parade

The introduction to sculpture class taught by Professor Rebecca Quattrone will parade around campus with their giant puppet sculptures ON MONDAY AT 11 AM. 

The theme is “Occupy Wall Street”

Rebecca’s students have been busy this term.  The class was split into two groups by where we sat the first day.  The table I sat at had one person I knew who came in at the last moment and sat beside me.  Christian Geisler….McLoven, the party crasher. http://girlboxer1970.com/2011/09/07/christian/

Christian and his "Creepy Mickey"


Also at the table was Alex Gompf http://girlboxer1970.com/2011/12/07/dear-alex/ and Taylor Ivory Lapierre who also hosted the 2011 Spartapalooza Class Spirit games.   

Wire, wheat and newspaper...Derrick and Taylor

York College at 11 AM.  Parade starts at Wolf Hall.  Come see the puppets and “the coolest class Rebecca has ever had!”
Making art happen,
Parade Blog follow-up tomorrow!

Dear Alex

Dear Alex,

        When you warn people with wearing a t-shirt “Careful or you will end up in my novel.” I thought you would listen.  Apparently not.

I manage to do as little in art class as possible. I think I look very handsome in a dead man's tuxedo...


Alex...cool, cute and good at wasting time.

I’m not actually giving you a hard time, my friend.  You are fun to work with on our art project and you do get things finished.  Eventually, I will have a blog about our art class with professor Rebecca including all the photos I’ve taken.

 Remember, that sense of humor of yours will take you far…or get you arrested. 


A blog about Christian Geisler-   http://girlboxer1970.com/2011/09/07/christian/  Another starving artist/writer.

York College Spartapalooza 2011

Frank T. Aquilino ~Class of 97

At York College of Pennsylvania, alumnus Frank T. Aquilino ’97 was remembered with a memorial scholarship. He was a bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald and perished on 9/11/2001.  The 2011 Spartapalooza festival was dedicated in memory of Mr. Aquilino.

This year the Spartapalooza theme was class spirit.  The freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors competed against each other for points to win “Best Class Spirit” award.  The contests varied through-out Grumbaucher Stadium.  Fieldhouse held a bounce house, dizzy bats races, velcro bounce wall, inflatable obstacle race,  thunder stick decorating, $1 black and green festival t-shirts, a scavenger hunt, and much more.

At the swimming pool, the cardboard boat races excited the crowd of spectators.  It didn’t matter who won and who lost….it was all about the boat.  The boat that put on the best show.  Float or sink, the crowd cheered in a frenzy.  A personal favorite was Team “Diddy Dong Racing.” They were the winners of The Titanic Award for their dramatic cardboard vessel sinking to the bottom of the pool.  This YCP team was all juniors: John Meyer, Ryan Hershey, Tom Powell and Mike Shaffer sacrificed their boat to take this win.

Team YCP USA  participated in the cardboard boat races.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The tug of war between classes was fun but also a bit dangerous as the four classes snapped the rubber bands holding the ropes together.  Determining who won was a challenge itself as the band broke, the sophomore class found themselves on the ground.  The points didn’t really matter, having fun did.

I participated in the scavenger hunt which allowed me to meet new people on campus, outside of my scheduled classes.  The game was to take pictures of what was on the list and I managed to find all the items.  The most challenging was the Spartan Helmet which I learned was made by sophomore, Taylor Lapierre.

Lapierre was also in charge of the class spirit games.  I participated in the games with my friend Phil Rearich.  Phil and I had a great time attempting the sack race.  I fell on my face trying to jump in a burlap sack but got right back up.  The freshman team stole our bandana when we reached the three-legged race but we managed to get to the next leg of the race.  With one shoe on and one off, I attempted leap frog with Phil and failed miserably.  I needed a much shorter partner!

The event drew a large number of students, faculty and children to York Campus.  It was a great day to show student spirit and remember a former student lost to terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers.

There was an endless buffet of food and sweet and drinks to keep everyone’s energy up for the afternoon through the evening.  The festival ended around midnight with everyone exhausted!

Great times at YCP,


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