The Most Epic Fancy Friday Ever

By: Thomas E. Delphi  York College of PA

I want to invite people from every continent on the face of the planet! THE FANCY UPRISING HAS BEGUN, HEIL DRESS PAN-… Ahem…allow me to explain.
Fancy Friday is a small holliday started in York College of Pennsylvania. Every F…riday, particpants, men and women both young and old, will elect to dress well for the day, changing polos and t-shirts for suits and dresses, dress shoes and heels. Casual Wear, barring work requirements, is considered unacceptible. If you DON’T like the idea of Fancy Friday, that’s fine, you don’t need to participate.
If you like the idea, act and dress well on March 9th and perform the following:
On Friday, March 9th, I would like at least one participant from each of the following regions of the Planet: East Asia (China, Japan, Korea), West Asia (The Middle East), South Asia (India to Iran), South East Asia (Vietnam to the Phillipines), Central Asia (Kazakhstan!), North Asia (East Russia), North Africa, Central Africa, South Africa, West Europe, East Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, South America, Central America & the Carribean, North America and Oceana.
I would like everyone who participates around the world to post a picture of themselves in their Fancy Friday attire onto Facebook. As such, I would hope everyone I invite to participate will pass on the invitation to their friends and post this event to their Facebook feed.
Stay classy kids and lets make this happen!


  1. Jennifer Bowers says:

    This sounds Great I am in!!!

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