The Agreements

The Agreements

If I wanted to visit with Tesla, I had to sign. My six short visits.



  1. Alright, it’s time to be a complete cunt to Douchebag and in order to protect yourself, you may want Dale to begin to record any meetings with Douchebag and any phone calls you may have with him. What you need to do is get a legally binding release signed from him that gives you permission to record all communications that are verbal and allows you to record him with a camcorder. It is vitally important that you get legal advice about signing these forms and statements from your lawyer and begin to document every little thing. Make a back up of all items on your computer and onto a DVD or CD.

  2. You would think he would at least check his grammar. Does he think he is some jailhouse attorney?

    • Maybe Heather typed it. I’m not sure what he thinks he is or is doing. I feel like I am signing Tesla out of jail everytime he lets me see her. (other than every other weekend)

      I just sign them…if I can get time with Tesla, I’ll take it. ~P.

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