Girl in a glance

She stretches out in her chair.
Long, lean legs, feet draped in sandals.
Ivory leather weaving in and out of her toes.
Soft from wear, intricate knots holding fast.
Her piggies so cute….painted dark green.
Shiny, sexy…I try not to stare.

She crosses her legs, beginning a rhythmic rocking to unheard music.
Wiggling her toes..inviting for horsey rides.
Expertly shaven, they beg for touch.
A test for smoothness and search for skipped hairs.

Denim cut-offs, short but not Daisy in style.
Frayed on the end, pocket tips peak out at the bottom.
Belted at her waist, silver rivets in double rows wrapped-round in cotton.

Brilliant orange t-shirt, long-sleeve, tightly fitting her form.
Breasts beg for attention, not caring if she agrees.
Tiny buttons, open -inviting a glance.
A deep V forged, tantalizing….forbidden.

Ponytail -barely there.
Wisps of dirty blonde hair escape or were never captured.
Limp curls frame her face.
Clean and clear….natural beauty.

Eyes of brown, bright and alert.
Button nose with slight flare.
Balanced lips, quick to smile.
Perfect ears punctuated with piercings.
Tiny stones glinting- with the rocking of her sandaled foot and shiny toes.


  1. well you got my blood pumping. would this be your trailer trash girl?

  2. lmao…hell no!

  3. Whos eyes re brown????

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