York College Sculpture Parade

The introduction to sculpture class taught by Professor Rebecca Quattrone will parade around campus with their giant puppet sculptures ON MONDAY AT 11 AM. 

The theme is “Occupy Wall Street”

Rebecca’s students have been busy this term.  The class was split into two groups by where we sat the first day.  The table I sat at had one person I knew who came in at the last moment and sat beside me.  Christian Geisler….McLoven, the party crasher. http://girlboxer1970.com/2011/09/07/christian/

Christian and his "Creepy Mickey"


Also at the table was Alex Gompf http://girlboxer1970.com/2011/12/07/dear-alex/ and Taylor Ivory Lapierre who also hosted the 2011 Spartapalooza Class Spirit games.   

Wire, wheat and newspaper...Derrick and Taylor

York College at 11 AM.  Parade starts at Wolf Hall.  Come see the puppets and “the coolest class Rebecca has ever had!”
Making art happen,
Parade Blog follow-up tomorrow!


  1. hey girlfriend! thank you for pimping our class project!

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