Child Support

Today I received a notice from Domestics that John wants the child support order adjusted.   I realized after he was awarded majority custody he would stop paying child support, at least after his arrears were caught up.

John sites he no longer has an obligation to pay child support per Judge Dorney’s decision.  He wrote on the “other specific changes” line she has a live in boyfriend.  I’m not sure what he is implying, perhaps that Dale pays the bills?

What kills me about this notice is the reason he gave for “said change in circumstances, the Order should be modified as follows:”  Support be paid by mother

My only income previously was the support John paid for Tesla and a little bit of alimony.  Did he ever hear you can’t get blood from a turnip?  No income is no income. 

We took Tesla to have allergy testing today.  She had a little bit of reaction to outside mold and that was all.  Finally some good news.  I hope to see Tesla again on Wednesday.  She was sad that she couldn’t go home with me.  She’s going to a funeral with her dad tonight.  I would rather be with my mom than a funeral too.

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To pass the time, Tesla took pictures before her test was administered.  The actual testing process did not go great.  Tesla shrieked in fear at the tiny wand that looked like a fancy toothpick.  It didn’t even break the skin.  The fall she took earlier in the day while with John was more painful than what John had to hold her still for.  It went quickly and she did calm down.




WOW a truck just hit an electric line across the street.  Posting pictures soon.  There is hazardous liquid running all over the road from the transformer.


  1. Your friend says:

    Well of course he isnt gonna continue to pay you support… Guess your gonna have to get up n get a job n pay support

  2. Research It says:


    Don’t assume that because you have no income you will not be charged child support. I know many people who were not working or on unemployment at the time of their hearing. Domestics determined their amount to be paid by their rate of pay at their last job, even if it was a year to two that they hadn’t worked. These people also had to take a paper and go fill out applications for jobs. They had to have the companies fill out the paper that they had indeed filled out an application. Just a suggestion, IF they do this to you it may be possible for them to deduct your amount off of his arrears that he owes you just so you don’t accure any yourself. Don’t quote me on this though, domestics never seems to follow the same formula for any two people. You may want to research before your hearing so your not blindsided.

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