Little Ballerina

This afternoon was Tesla’s dance recital.  We had so much fun getting ready before the show!  Usually she doesn’t like her hair done, but for dance she was excited.  Not really for the hair bun I had to attempt, but because she could wear make-up!

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My brother and sister, Sam and Susan went with Dale, Tesla and I.  York Catholic High School was packed with people attending the recital.  Two of John’s brothers also came, Mike and Tim.  Tim brought along his girlfriend Vonnie.  Heather, John, Heather’s husband and his girlfriend were present too.  I could have lived with not seeing Mike (ass clown) but it was good to see Tim and Vonnie.

Heather and I were civil, almost friendly to each other in the girl’s locker room.  I used some of her hairspray to glue Tesla’s hair down.  As I was helping Tesla get in costume, I realized my “John’s good girl” tattoo was in plain view.  I almost started giggling at the thought of Heather seeing it in the flesh.  🙂  I held back the giggles and after I had Tesla’s leotard on, Heather came over and said “She needs her tights first.”  Then I did start laughing, just because I didn’t put the tights first.  Tesla thought it was funny too.

The first three rows were saved by John and Heather.  I asked him why he didn’t save a seat for me and he was just overwhelmed with saving the 10 he had for people coming to the show.  I rolled my eyes and said “I am her mom.”  About fifteen minutes later while I was with Tesla, John told Dale him and I could move up to the third row.  What a nice gesture!  John does have an occasional “nice” moment.  When Tesla was on stage I went to the front row and sat next to John to snap some pictures.  John recorded the kids dancing and Heather reminded him to record her children.  LOL  John needs poked like that at times.

All the children were adorable and tried hard.  The youngest ones were the most entertaining.  A few of them just stood in the limelight, frozen in front of the huge audience.  Tesla had a wonderful time along with Abigail, Gabrielle, Katelyn and Casey.  I am looking forward to the copy John promised to make me.

Here’s to an excellent show and an afternoon supporting all the kids at York Dance Arts!


P.S. My only critique:  The Ludachristmas song was an inappropriate song choice.


  1. What’s. Ludachristmas song

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