Dressed tree, naked dog

Usually I put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  I greatly delayed it until Tesla came home this weekend.  We had so much fun decorating the tree.  This is the first year that she has been old enough to appreciate all the pretty ornaments without breaking them.  🙂

My princess


Tesla is silly


Tesla took this silly picture of her Momma

Mr. sunshine with braids

Dale was not in the best of moods after Ying jumped up on the counter and ate his dinner….


My little elf

 Tesla and I sang Christmas songs while we decorated. 

Ying...the Chritmas rat


"Do I look fat?"

 I wrapped up the night taking Yinger for a walk.  He is self-conscious when isn’t wearing a tshirt or sweater.

 Christmas is coming soon!




  1. Dale u need to smile more. Lol. Cute pics
    Poor ying.

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