Dear Meghan~missing you

Dear Meghan,

This afternoon, I just learned in person from Travis K that you were in a car accident and died.  I was making copies of the secrets from Lauren Robinson work of art “The Web of Secrets 2012” when Travis approached me.  He didn’t know what I was coping.  As soon as he told me I got goosebumps and looked down at the copier.  Meghan you are gone and I will never see or talk to you again.  We were both writing majors.  We shared story ideas, work-shopped story lines and enjoyed discussing art.  I wonder if one of the secrets I copied may have been yours…

I know you treasured life and you touched the lives of many.  You have been released from the earth to a much better place and even get wings to boot.  I am happy for you, but feel loss as expected.  Bless your surviving family.  God has a plan for you in heaven and I am certain it involves endless ink in a gold pen and sheets of the finest grade paper stock imaginable.

Rest in peace my friend,



  1. Anonymous says:

    whats secrets?

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