Want to read about Looners?

Hello all….I am not able to publish my paper on balloon fetishist just yet.

If I am submitting to a magazine, scholarship, competition or scholarly journal, I don’t believe I can have previously published what I submit.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is if you email me a request to my school address at pcrider@ycp.edu I will send a portion of the paper.  State in your email that you will not share the segment without giving credit to me and my blogsite.  Everyone gets the same thing.  A preview I suppose as it’s actually not finished.  😉

Thank you for supporting my writing and research!   It has been awesome!!!

Loon Writer and Happy Popper,



  1. well balloon girl yes id like a copy portion of your journal yes id read it then put it on my wall sorry about writting it here all right ! I coulnot get in your school site and give u a email be the way this is my email here you go Cliffyshirts@hotmail.com ok signed cliff.s

  2. well im still here and I still love big fat balloons and all the fun they can reach out to a person enjoying them to the fullest here in my own room so yes its been rather interesting and fun inflating playing and sleeping with my balloons here! signed cliff.s

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