Multiple car accident~Corner of Canal & Intermediate Rd Dover PA

A minor fender-bender I witnessed while out taking photos.  Interestingly, someone took photos of me leaving.  I’m not sure why.

No apparent injuries, no EMS on scene.  One officer on sight, and one drove by.  There seemed to be a large amount of people affected, but not hurt.  ~P.

4 Car Accident Carlisle Rd & Oakland Dover PA

Four vehicles were involved in a pile-up on Carlisle Road on August 10th at approximately 1:30 PM.  The accident was at the intersection of Oakland Road and in front of Sal’s Pizza.  Dover Ambulance and the Dover Township Volunteer Fire Company was at the scene as well as several Northern Regional police officers.  There did not appear to be any injuries.  ~P.

Accident Carlisle Road York PA 8/7/2013

Rush hour on Carlisle Road.  Ambulance on scene.  Expect delays.  ~P.

The Barn at 1655 Poplars Rd Dover, PA

Dale and I were out yard saling again Saturday.  He looks for broken computers and I look for history.

It was rainy on and off, not prime weather for yard sales.  One that was open rain or shine was at Al Budrow’s home on Poplars Road.  He recently moved to Dover after buying the property from Dallas Weigle, descendant of the founder of Weiglestown.  Al said he bought the house because he fell in love with the barn.  I asked permission to photo the barn and he was happy to oblige.  It was Al’s yard sale that I bought prints of historic York and about 500 copies of newspapers also from York, and to my surprise,  a few from New York and Philadelphia, all dating in the mid 1960’s.

Enjoy the photo gallery of Al’s barn.  For more photos of Dover, PA visit my Facebook Page

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  ~P.

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Theophilus Gross Carriage Works Dover, PA 1870’s




A destructive fire occurred in Dover in March, 1844. Two houses, a tavern and a stable were destroyed on the Public Square. Soon after this event the town purchased the old engine from the Vigilant Fire Company of York. It is kept in an engine house on the square. The carriage shop of Theophilus Gross burned down about 1880. There being too small a supply of water in the vicinity, the engine could not be effectively used.

Now, the main building at 78 N Main Street, Dover PA is now listed as historically important by the Greater Dover Historical Society.

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How a Crone became a Dillon in Dover, PA

Half of my life was spent growing up on Bluebird Lane in Dover, PA.  Most of my family lived in this lane including my grandparents, one uncle and one aunt and their families.  We had great neighbors outside our private lane and in Dover, we use the term neighbor loosely.  A neighbor could be up to three miles or more from our home, and they were still our neighbor.

One great family of neighbors we had was the Dillon family, living the opposite direction on Bluebird Lane, just off of Rohler’s Church Road.  Bruce Sr., Marie (Crone) Dillon and their youngest son Doug have always been part of my life.  I recently learned the last picture of Bruce Sr. was taken by me, when I stopped out of the blue to photographs their cows.  Bruce was amused that I found his cows photogenic.  He scoffed when I asked to take his picture by his truck while we chatted, but he agreed.  I only learned recently that Bruce passed away, just eight days after my visit.

March 3 2013

March 3 2013

Marie reached out to me to come visit her.  I was told Marie has a memory like a steel trap and had great stories about Dover she wanted to share.  I went back to the Dillon farm, this time prepared to hear Marie’s story of how Bruce Sr and her fell in love, and began their family of four children on Bluebird Lane.

Marie & Bruce Dillon Sr.

Marie & Bruce Dillon Sr.

“I was hanging out at Spank’s in 1952 and Bruce came in the store.”

“Spank’s?” I asked, already confused.

“Spangler’s Garage had a store too. We all hung out there, right up on Rohler’s Church Road, where Elmer Spangler lived. You know the Dover Quarry is right there before that sharp turn?” Marie answered, then followed with a question. Marie, I found, threw bits and pieces of history into her story, and I just had to keep up.

Bruce lived in York and after meeting Marie, Bruce’s father made a point to talk to his friends who knew the Crone family from church.  “Do you know this Marie Crone that Bruce is talking about?  He saw her at the store and went crazy.”  Thery were crazy in love in no time.  Marie and Bruce dated for nearly two years and when Bruce bought his first car, he hit up his girlfriend for the cash to fix the 1946 Buick convertible’s top.

The car that sealed the deal.

The car that sealed the deal.

A young Marie at work.

A young Marie at work.

“Bruce knew I had some money put back.  I was making seventy-five cents an hour at Brant’s Machine Shop, where York Apple Chevrolet is on Route 30 and Roosevelt.  I lent him the money for the convertible topper and that sealed the deal.  We were always together, sometimes it’s hard to believe he is gone.  I expect to hear him walk in the door at any moment.”  Marie teared up, clearly missing the love of her life.

Long before Bruce and Marie fell in love, married, and had their children, Marie had come from a large family of ten children.  Interestingly, the tradition in naming children was to pass the mother’s maiden name as a middle name.  All of the Crone’s middle names are Hughes, after Mary’s family name.  The first five offspring of Mary and Lincoln were delivered at York Hospital.  Those children were named Frances, Bernard, Raymond, and Richard.  Marie’s father, Lincoln, told the doctor he needed to learn how to deliver babies at Richard’s birth.  “I can’t afford to pay you to deliver anymore kids, Doc.”  So the doctor gave Lincoln a crash course in baby delivering Richard, and the births of Irene, Bernice, Ruth, Robert and Marie were done at the farm house by their father.  This unusual birth place turned into a complete nightmare for Marie.  After years of trying to show proof of her birth on a farm out in the woods, she went to Pennsylvania’s congressman, Todd Platts, and in two weeks, Marie had a birth certificate.  Sometimes, it is who you know.

Marie is very proud of the property and history that has been carried down through the Crone family.  The original house, built by Jacob Roller has historic value and Marie and Bruce were determined to keep the old, log cabin standing.  The Greater Dover Historical Society published this information about the Roller log cabin.

      “Worship services were held in private homes by the Baptists and others living within the northern part of Dover Township in the late 1700’s, as early as 1760. Such services included one conducted by Christian Newcomer, a bishop of the United Brethren denomination in the home of Jacob Roller on June 9, 1799.  The homes used for worship included a log structure, which was the sole home in the immediate area of the first house of worship. This may have been Jacob Rollers home and it is believed that services were held there as early as 1790.”

Original log cabin 1760

Original log cabin was built in 1760

Brick farmhouse with log cabin on left

Stone farmhouse– cabin on left

Detached Roller log cabin on left

Detached Roller log cabin on right

Marie states she is certain this was Jacob Rollers’ home because the original barn has a marker dating it with Hanna & Jacob Roller engraved, establishing this land as their property.  The marker has slowly deteriorated over the years and is in need of restoration.  Jacob Roller was from Hellam, PA and met Hanna Crone.  They married and moved onto a piece of the Crone family property.  The properties in this area of Dover is heavily populated with Crone’s and their descendants.

The openings are to let air through to dry the day.  It is still in use.

The openings in the barn are to let air through to dry the day. It is still in use.

The Dillon's replaced the rotted wood.

The Dillon’s replaced the rotted wood.

It is difficult to read the marker, but HANNA is clear right above the broke section.

It is difficult to read the marker, but HANNA is clear right above the broke section.

Empty field...must be feeding time.

An empty field means it is feeding time!

Now that I have everyone's attention.

Now that I have everyone’s attention.

Cow 2

One lets me know what he thinks of being photographed.

Cow Peek

Cow Peek

Enough with the cow silliness, there is the inside of the historic Jacob Roller to see.  Jacob’s last name has evolved over the years, as many names do, but is a permanent element in the history of Dover.  Rohler’s Church Road, Rohler’s Union Church, Rohler’s Assembly of God and Rohler’s Lutheran Church, all have their names tied to Jacob Roller.

Original heat vents

Original heat vents

Beautiful original floor that I never expected to see on the second floor@

Beautiful hardwood that I never expected to see on the second floor.

Sturdy steps

Sturdy steps

Original fire place had a metal hook to hold the kettle for cooking.  The Dillon family converted it but due to chimney problems, it can't be used for wood fires.

Original fire place had a metal hook to hold the kettle for cooking. The Dillon family converted it but due to chimney problems, it can’t be used for wood fires.

The original cabin door remains, though sealed closed.

The original cabin door remains, though sealed closed.

Original walls

Original wall and beam.  The hole was there to let heat from the fire place reach the back room.

Holes from years occupancy.

Holes from years occupancy.

Marie and her oldest son, Bruce Jr.  Marie also has two daughters, Reba and Pam and her youngest child is Douglas.  Bruce Jr. and Doug maintain the Dillon farm.

Marie and her oldest son, Bruce Jr. Marie also has two daughters, Reba and Pam and her youngest child is Douglas. Bruce Jr. and Doug maintain the Dillon farm.

Thank you for your interest in Dover, PA.  A great little town out in the sticks.  It was my pleasure to talk with Marie Dillon and hear about the past, and nice to see Brucie, who happened to stop by just as I was leaving.  ~P.

2 Car Accident on Carlisle & School Rd York, PA

Just before 10 PM, a night-out with a friend came to an abrupt halt when a silver mini-van crashed into the vintage Jeep.  All dolled up–but going no where–this young lady is now waiting for her dad to pick her up.  No injuries reported and a group of gentlemen moved the Jeep off of the road.

Keeping you informed in Shiloh, PA  ~P.

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York PA photographs

Tesla and I had a pleasant day in York!  Click on the first thumbnail to best enjoy the photo gallery.  ~P.

Want to view more pictures of York County?  Check out the links below!  Thanks for stopping by my blog!  ~P.

Emma’s Fun Day at Brookside Park, Dover PA

“The family of a 2-year-old girl with a rare genetic disorder is holding a fundraiser Saturday in Dover Township to benefit research on the syndrome.

Emma’s Fun Day is named for 2-year-old Emma Dull, who was diagnosed last year with Pitt Hopkins syndrome, according to her mom, Stacey Dull. Emma started receiving therapy and undergoing tests when she wasn’t hitting some milestones as a baby.

Eventually, tests revealed that she had Pitt Hopkins, a syndrome characterized by a missing gene on her 18th chromosome.

Dull said only 250 people in the world have been diagnosed with the disorder. Parents formed the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation several years ago to fund research .”  (YDR)

We spent our afternoon at Emma’s Fun Day at Brookside Park, in Dover.  There were fun, creative games, crafts, a magician, food and more.  We had a blast and all the proceeds go to a good cause, the Pitt Hopkins research fund.

Emma is a little cutie pie and enjoyed the day right along with us!   ~P.

Dover Township family raises funds for rare genetic disorder – The York Daily Record. <——click here for full story on Emma Dull

Car Rams Trailer on Davidsburg Rd, Dover PA

Approximately 1 hour ago a woman driving a car turned onto Davidsburg Rd heading towards Carlisle and lost control of her vehicle and rammed into the corner of a small trailer.

The airbag deployed and the driver suffered a small cut to her nose.

Photos by Susan Crider on her vintage cell phone.  Accident took place next to Reisinger’s Trailer Haven 3720 Davidsburg Rd, Dover, PA17315

Davidsburg Road Accident

Davidsburg Road Accident

Dover Fire Department clearing the scene

Dover Fire Department clearing the scene

Davidsburg Rd

Davidsburg Rd

The next morning 7/16/2013:

Davidsburg Rd headed towards Carlisle Rd.

Davidsburg Rd headed towards Carlisle Rd.



Fortunately, the Volunteer Dover Fire House was across the street.

Fortunately, the Dover Township Volunteer Fire Department was across the street.


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