The Barn at 1655 Poplars Rd Dover, PA

Dale and I were out yard saling again Saturday.  He looks for broken computers and I look for history.

It was rainy on and off, not prime weather for yard sales.  One that was open rain or shine was at Al Budrow’s home on Poplars Road.  He recently moved to Dover after buying the property from Dallas Weigle, descendant of the founder of Weiglestown.  Al said he bought the house because he fell in love with the barn.  I asked permission to photo the barn and he was happy to oblige.  It was Al’s yard sale that I bought prints of historic York and about 500 copies of newspapers also from York, and to my surprise,  a few from New York and Philadelphia, all dating in the mid 1960’s.

Enjoy the photo gallery of Al’s barn.  For more photos of Dover, PA visit my Facebook Page

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