Emma’s Fun Day at Brookside Park, Dover PA

“The family of a 2-year-old girl with a rare genetic disorder is holding a fundraiser Saturday in Dover Township to benefit research on the syndrome.

Emma’s Fun Day is named for 2-year-old Emma Dull, who was diagnosed last year with Pitt Hopkins syndrome, according to her mom, Stacey Dull. Emma started receiving therapy and undergoing tests when she wasn’t hitting some milestones as a baby.

Eventually, tests revealed that she had Pitt Hopkins, a syndrome characterized by a missing gene on her 18th chromosome.

Dull said only 250 people in the world have been diagnosed with the disorder. Parents formed the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation several years ago to fund research .”  (YDR)

We spent our afternoon at Emma’s Fun Day at Brookside Park, in Dover.  There were fun, creative games, crafts, a magician, food and more.  We had a blast and all the proceeds go to a good cause, the Pitt Hopkins research fund.

Emma is a little cutie pie and enjoyed the day right along with us!   ~P.

Dover Township family raises funds for rare genetic disorder – The York Daily Record. <——click here for full story on Emma Dull

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