Homemade Slip N Slide

After a water balloon battle that came down to Tyler versus me, we broke out the bottle of Dawn dish soap and made a Slip-N-Slide out of a paint drop cloth.  It didn’t take long for my neighbor, Deb, to add the plastic bag her new mattress arrived in, and in no time, we had fun trying not to break any bones.  Well, I was trying that is, the kids don’t really think about their bones breaking during moments like this.  Tyler, Blaine and Tesla were reckless and daring, as usual.

My brilliant idea of the day.  Make a slip-n-slide.

My brilliant idea of the day. Make a slip-n-slide.



The playing field

The playing field


The battle lasted longer than I thought; many balloons didn’t break on the first throw.  We had about 80 balloons, the green ones looked like hand-grenades.  The tie-dyes were really cool and everyone’s favorites.

After Deb cut open the mattress cover, I womaned up and joined in the fun.  Deb didn’t want involved, so she stuck to taking pictures.  Didn’t hurt myself, but I admit, I’m tired.  Good thing Suz is coming over and making dinner!  🙂

What a fun, but exhausting day!  A day that memories are made from.  ~P.





  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep a close eye on Dale

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