Homemade Slip N Slide

After a water balloon battle that came down to Tyler versus me, we broke out the bottle of Dawn dish soap and made a Slip-N-Slide out of a paint drop cloth.  It didn’t take long for my neighbor, Deb, to add the plastic bag her new mattress arrived in, and in no time, we had fun trying not to break any bones.  Well, I was trying that is, the kids don’t really think about their bones breaking during moments like this.  Tyler, Blaine and Tesla were reckless and daring, as usual.

My brilliant idea of the day.  Make a slip-n-slide.

My brilliant idea of the day. Make a slip-n-slide.



The playing field

The playing field


The battle lasted longer than I thought; many balloons didn’t break on the first throw.  We had about 80 balloons, the green ones looked like hand-grenades.  The tie-dyes were really cool and everyone’s favorites.

After Deb cut open the mattress cover, I womaned up and joined in the fun.  Deb didn’t want involved, so she stuck to taking pictures.  Didn’t hurt myself, but I admit, I’m tired.  Good thing Suz is coming over and making dinner!  🙂

What a fun, but exhausting day!  A day that memories are made from.  ~P.




Big Kids

I didn’t notice in my lease agreement that acting like a kid, laughing and enjoying the summer is not permissible.   Whatever!  When I stop acting like a kid, take me outback and shoot me.  Thank you.

Tesla, Blaine, Ying and I went to Pinchot Park for the past two days.  There are no life guards on duty so there are few swimmers on this side of the lake.  That works out great.  Much quieter and no splashing.

The lake stinks.  When the breeze takes a turn and you get a whiff of the lake stench it’s almost sickening.  It doesn’t bother me for the most part.  I guess I’m used to the dead fish, lake scum smell since my childhood.  Tesla and Blaine said they love the park and that made me smile.  My brothers, sister and I all loved the park too.

The seaweed isn’t bad right now.  I remember in the past it was so thick using a boat with a motor was impossible.  I think it was drained at one point because of the seaweed…or maybe it was drained because of the septic issue.  I’m just not sure.  Either way, it’s an icky thought.

So we swam, caught minnows, ate a picnic lunch, looked for shells, and chatted with other people enjoying their summer.  The kids were fascinated by the fish egg pods that float to shore.  I guess they are fish egg pods….they look like something straight-out of an Aliens movie.  Some were about the size of a volleyball and look sooooo gross that we couldn’t stop poking it.  Equally fascinating to the children (not me this time) was the  foot-long dead fish that floated up to us.  It looked like it took a bullet but I think it was just hook damage.

The only downside of Pinchot is the damn goose poop.  It is everywhere and you’re gonna step in it no matter how careful you are.  Just accept that and walk without looking down.

The geese rule the lake

Goosepoo washes off.


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