Who’s bridge is this?

I love going to the bridge at Beaver Creek.  It’s so peaceful there and perfect to do homework at or take the kids to play in the water.  Since visiting there beginning last summer I noticed the old stone bridge wasn’t in such good shape.  I notified the state of it’s disrepair.  The state called and said they would look into it.  If they actually went to the bridge is in debate because the following day they called to say it didn’t fall under the state’s responsibility to repair and told me to talk to Warrington Township.  So, I sent WT an email.  They wrote back saying it’s not their bridge.  Mapquest lists it in Dover so I emailed Dover Township and asked if this was their bridge and if it is, I would like to see bridge inspection certificates.  I have to wait 5 days max for their response.  Honestly, I don’t know who owns the land but it’s a popular place and beautiful year round.  So, I will continue investigating who Beaver Hole bridge belongs to and who should repair it.  Eventually, it’s going to fall.  Pictures tell a thousand words…there’s even a tree growing out at the base!!

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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