Frankenstorm Flooding 2012

Hurricane Sandy caused serious flooding in York County.  The Conewago Creek was at least three times its usual size.  Roads were closed, lines down, power out.  Hurricane Sandy left her mark.  ~P.



Wasted money


That is a huge chunk of money isn’t it?  There is so much a person can do with almost $20,000 it makes my head spin.

Ready for the shocker?  $19,852 is what it cost the tax payers to give John Allen Hughes a fair trial.

First let me tell you about Hughes.

I started a book about Beaver Hole in Warrington Township and here is a little piece of it.

I’ve learned since starting this book, that Hughes was man who murdered Sheila L. Deller of Dallastown with an ax and dumped her body along the creek at Beaver Hole on February 20, 1992.

The most costly expense was Hughes court appointed lawyer.  That bill came to $9080.00.  My jaw hit the floor when I read who his attorney was: Douglas France.  France is also my husband’s lawyer, or at least one of them.  He apparently needs two to get what he wants all the time.  I am willing to bet my future ex hubby has spent more on divorcing me (or avoiding divorcing me) than York County spent on convicting John Allen Hughes.  Hughes’ trial has been the most expensive in York County’s history.

In 1997, France managed to get this ax murderer a life sentence instead of the death sentence.  What does Hughes do after his “win” but hang himself in the prison.  France was very disappointed at his clients suicide.  Seriously?  Disappointed?  I say Hughes saved York County a small fortune by offing himself.  The last thing people want is tax money paying for this fucking ax murderer’s life long existence in prison.   I’ve read Hughes past and childhood.  I’ve talked to some of his friends.  Yes, his life was fucked up as a child but that is not an excuse to bash someone’s head in with an ax.

My curiosity made me check online to see who is on death row in York County.  (York Daily Record)

As of January 2011, there are 10 people on death row in York County cases, including a pair of brothers who were convicted three years apart for the same double murder.

There are more than 200 people on death row in Pennsylvania. Since 1985, Pennsylvania governors have signed more than 300 execution warrants. Three executions have been carried out — two in 1995 and one in 1999– since a 10-year national moratorium on the death penalty ended in 1977.

York County death row inmates:

  • Paul Gamboa-Taylorwas sentenced Jan. 23, 1992, after pleading guilty to the May 18, 1991, hammer slayings of four family members: his wife, Valeria L. Gamboa-Taylor; their two children, Paul, 4, and Jasmine, 2; and another child, Lance Barshinger, 2. He received a life sentence for killing his mother-in-law, Donna M. Barshinger. His case is on appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
  • Hubert Lester Michael Jr.sentenced March 20, 1995, after pleading guilty to the July 12, 1993, abduction and shooting death of 16-year-old Trista Elizabeth Eng in the Dillsburg area. Michael unsuccessfully attempted to withdraw his guilty plea. Execution warrants were signed in 1996 by Gov. Tom Ridge and 2004 by Gov. Ed Rendell. His case is on appeal before the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Mark Newton Spotz was sentenced April 24, 1996, for the Feb. 2, 1995, shooting death of Penny Gunnet, 41, of New Salem, his third victim in a four-day crime spree through central and eastern Pennsylvania. Spotz also received death sentences for the murders of June Rose Ohlinger of Schuylkill County, and Betty Amstutz, 71, of Cumberland County. An execution warrant for the York County conviction was signed by Ridge in 2001. He received a stay in the Gunnet murder in 2001 and that case is on appeal in York County court.
  • John Amos Smallwas sentenced June 19, 1996, after being convicted of murder and attempted rape of 17-year-old Cheryl Smith, whose body was found in West Manheim Township in 1981. Execution warrants were signed in 2001 by Ridge and in 2009 by Rendell.
  • Kevin Brian Dowlingwas sentenced Dec. 14, 1998, for the Oct. 20, 1997, shooting death of Jennifer Lynn Myers inside her art and frame shop just outside Spring Grove. An execution warrant was signed in 2007 by Rendell. His case is on appeal in York County.
  • Milton Montalvo was sentenced Feb. 14, 2000, and Noel Montalvo was sentenced April 14, 2003, for the April 19, 1998, stabbing deaths of Miriam Asencio-Cruz and Manuel Ramirez Santana inside the Cruz’s York apartment. Rendell signed an execution warrant for Noel Montalvo in July 2010 and signed one for Milton in January 2011. Noel’s case is on appeal to the U.S. Middle District Court of Pennsylvania.
  • Harve Lamar Johnson was sentenced Nov. 16, 2009, for the April 7, 2008, beating death of 2-year-old Darisabel Baez, his girlfriend’s daughter, in York. Johnson’s appeal is before the state Supreme Court.
  • Kevin Edward Mattison was sentenced Dec. 17, 2010, for the Dec. 9, 2008, robbery and shooting of Christian Agosto in York. Mattison had previously been convicted of third-degree murder and served prison time in Maryland.
  • Hector Morales was sentenced Jan. 21, 2011, for the 2009 shooting death of Ronald “Country” Simmons Jr. Police said Morales broke into Simmons’ York home and shot him six times because Simmons was set to testify in a drug case.

When I found this article, I was surprised to recognize another name on the list of very bad people.  I recently found on Facebook a friend of my parents from the 80’s.  I see her daughter Trista’s killer is one of the people on death row.  It is terrible that he is guilty, admits he is guilty yet hasn’t received the death penalty yet.  Hubert Lester Michael does not deserve every breath he takes.  There are actually groups online trying to get his sentence changed to life in prison.  Screw that….Trista’s life was taken at 16 by a stranger who saw her walking to work at the nearby Hardee’s.  Michael abducted Trista, shot her three times and  left her body in the Ski Roundtop area.  He deserves death but instead is living and breathing right here in our county.

The last execution in PA was in 1999.  Gary Heidnik had imprisoned 6 women in his dungeon-like basement at 3520 North Marshall Street in Philadelphia and murdered 2 of them.  He tortured the women he kidnapped and tried to get them pregnant.    This psychopath only lived a few street from my mother’s family.  I’ve been to the shopping center where Heidnik was kidnapping women from. Scary!

It’s time to get on with these convicted killers.

Electric, gas or needle?



A different kind of letter

It’s Christmas Eve day and I had two pieces of mail.  A very delayed letter from the Dept of Welfare and a copy of my lawyer’s letter to John’s lawyer.

The letter to Doug France is my lawyers attempt to get things moving along.  At this point, France may have put more time into John’s stupid filing for divorce than he did in defending the ax murder who killed the woman from Red Lion and dumped her body at Beaver Hole.  France was disappointed when the murder hung himself in jail.  Apparently France managed to get the murderer a life sentence.  More about that in my Beaver Hole blog.

So the letter requests more time for Tesla and I together, her going to art therapy and to proceed with the divorce (house appraisal, business records, debts, etc.)  The divorce information has been requested several times now.  My accountant has been hanging onto records for years now!!

Can’t wait for Christmas!


Flooding in York County

Just driving 3/10 of a mile from home and the road was closed.  People just ignored the road closed sign and cones across Carlisle Road.


The basement is dry

they float


new meaning to car wash


Tee Time


Mill was built for the water to pass underneath


Coolers, gas cans, propane tanks...Oh my!


Bird Down

Bird #2


almost to the bridge

The bridge on Carlisle Road over the Little Conewago. 

Detter's Mill Bridge over The Conewago Crick...I mean creek.


My favorite Bridge #209 at Beaver Hole. 


I had to walk across a field because Bull Road to Beaver Hole was flooded.

The log was in the way


No lane bridge


Bridge 209 has serious foundation issues

I was told the bridge would be repaired this summer.  Now I think York County is just waiting for it to collapse.

Pinchot Park Boat Mooring Area


No one will be fishing from the dock

Couldn't get to the benches

 This is normally a little peninsula.

No picnics today

 Stay safe everyone….no driving through the closed roads!
It’s still raining,

When will it rain?

A better, more appropriate question would be “when will it stop raining?”

Actually, I’m not complaining.  I don’t mind rain in the least.  Imagine if all this rain were snow!  It could be the beginning of the Snowpocolypse.  About 15 years ago

I said to a friend of mine, “what if instead of flooding the earth again, it just didn’t stop snowing?”  My Jehovah’s Witness friend laughed while we watched the snow fall out the window.  Now I hear there is an end of days rumor by way of snow.

There is water slowing trickling into my garage.  I just sweep it back outside with a broom.  That is much easier than the “shop vac” or “subpump” method I’ve used in the past.  I’m thankful nothing is going to be ruined in the garage.  Everything is either in a plastic bin or stacked on chairs along the wall.  I see no reason to flee this home due to flooding, mold or mildew.

Well, I better get ready for classes.  I didn’t make Square Dancing this morning.  Ridding the garage of water was my priority and wet sneakers on the gym floor was not appealing.  Imagine 40 pairs of wet shoes squeaking to the tune of “Beer Barrel Polka.”  Yeah, gonna pass.

I wonder how Beaver Hole Bridge is holding up.  I haven’t been there in months.  The county was scheduled to repair the falling down bridge this summer.  Should I think believe that York County actually got around to it?

Grab your floaties,



gaping wounds and punctured tires

Keeping up the bridge at Beaver Hole must be a challenge.  The wear and tear on this structure is catching up to York County quickly.  This photo was taken March 17, 2011.

Just two months later and several fierce storms the side of the bridge looked like this..

and my coffee cup had room to spare!!  The county is aware of the condition of this bridge and has emailed me that it will be repaired this summer.  I am hoping its early summer versus late as the mortar and now stone, is just falling away.

big bread, little fish

 While standing on the bridge, feeding the fish, I noticed the concrete was eroding away where the road and bridge connect.  Upon closer inspection I see the rebar is sticking out of the crack.  Not just showing, but actually sticking out with pointed edges, waiting to puncture a tire.

tire hazard

As you can see in the picture, the crack is large and the metal sticking out is plenty long enough to puncture a tire.

Where the Beavers roam

Travelers on the Bull Road beware….if the bridge doesn’t collapse on you, it may just take a bite of your tire instead!

On a good note…..someone loves Judy!


The Conewago Floods

Tesla, Suz, Zeth and I drove to the Conewago Creek to check out the flood situation.  We confirm; it flooded.  🙂  Pictures are from Kunkle’s Mill Bridge (the little calf houses floated down the road, someone’s dock drifted by)  Boring Bridge Road (my Redneck Art stop sign blew over) and Beaver Hole Bridge or as my daughter calls it “Our Bridge” because we love it there! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

L:Brackish Water

L: Brackish Water-“No! Don’t get in that water Tesla!”  A little pool of water remained after the creek flooded.  The water was dark as oil and appeared just as slick.  Tesla halted suddenly at the edge, aware of how icky the water actually was.  “That’s disgusting Mommy!” she squealed in delight, proud of the fact she knew what disgusting meant.  “Yes, it is.” I replied, thrilled she didn’t stomp through it like other rain puddles she can’t seem to avoid. 

Beaver Hole Essay N:Clothing

N: Clothing-Oddly enough, people let their clothes behind.  “Look up,” I told my brother as we walked across the road to a barren area.  Sam started to laugh when he saw the variety of clothing hanging from the tree limbs.  “Someone forgot to take their clothes with them after a swim.” He said shaking his head.  Laughing at that thought I replied, “Or were caught screwing at the bridge and didn’t have time to put them back on!” 

Condoms are common at Beaver Hole and it’s not the beavers that use them.  There was a condom entangled in the limb of some roadside brush.  It blended in with the bleached out yellow leaves so well, I didn’t realize what it was initially.  The number of twists the yellowed condom made around the limb was curiously done intentionally.  A condom tossed after a hard, hot and public fuck could not possible fix itself onto a limb in that fashion.  I am certain it is a trophy to the man who left his DNA behind.  When he drives by in his rusted pick-up truck, he glances at his marker of that hot, sticky night.  Well, he may have looked upon it with sweet memories, but that is no longer.  I grabbed that limb with my gloved hand and broke it from the bush, thinking to myself, “I wonder what it would be like to have hard, hot sex at Beaver Hole?”


Beaver Hole Essay K:Fresh Water

K: Fresh Water- Hours spent splashing in the water.    Not all the splashing is on purpose.  My sister Suz often humors me and tags along on a bridge trip.  The level of the water never seems to make a difference on whether Suz gets wet or not.  Suz is similar to a Weeble Wobble except, she does fall down. 

She is jealous of my graceful ability to leap from rock to rock. 😉  One day at the creek, giving her the benefit of doubt, I encouraged her to “just jump, for crying out loud!”  She appeared to be in slow motion as she teetered for a few seconds on the landing.  Her facial expression of satisfaction was washed away when the rock shifted and her feet flew out in front of her.  She leaped, slipped and dipped in less than ten seconds, which is quick, but I managed to snap a few pictures.

(boohoo, her shorts got wet!)


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