Beaver Hole Essay N:Clothing

N: Clothing-Oddly enough, people let their clothes behind.  “Look up,” I told my brother as we walked across the road to a barren area.  Sam started to laugh when he saw the variety of clothing hanging from the tree limbs.  “Someone forgot to take their clothes with them after a swim.” He said shaking his head.  Laughing at that thought I replied, “Or were caught screwing at the bridge and didn’t have time to put them back on!” 

Condoms are common at Beaver Hole and it’s not the beavers that use them.  There was a condom entangled in the limb of some roadside brush.  It blended in with the bleached out yellow leaves so well, I didn’t realize what it was initially.  The number of twists the yellowed condom made around the limb was curiously done intentionally.  A condom tossed after a hard, hot and public fuck could not possible fix itself onto a limb in that fashion.  I am certain it is a trophy to the man who left his DNA behind.  When he drives by in his rusted pick-up truck, he glances at his marker of that hot, sticky night.  Well, he may have looked upon it with sweet memories, but that is no longer.  I grabbed that limb with my gloved hand and broke it from the bush, thinking to myself, “I wonder what it would be like to have hard, hot sex at Beaver Hole?”


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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