Beaver Hole Essay K:Fresh Water

K: Fresh Water- Hours spent splashing in the water.    Not all the splashing is on purpose.  My sister Suz often humors me and tags along on a bridge trip.  The level of the water never seems to make a difference on whether Suz gets wet or not.  Suz is similar to a Weeble Wobble except, she does fall down. 

She is jealous of my graceful ability to leap from rock to rock. 😉  One day at the creek, giving her the benefit of doubt, I encouraged her to “just jump, for crying out loud!”  She appeared to be in slow motion as she teetered for a few seconds on the landing.  Her facial expression of satisfaction was washed away when the rock shifted and her feet flew out in front of her.  She leaped, slipped and dipped in less than ten seconds, which is quick, but I managed to snap a few pictures.

(boohoo, her shorts got wet!)


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