The Little Green Owl at the Historic Shiloh Mill~York, PA

A consignment shop just opened a week ago at the historic mill located at 2500 Carlisle Road, York 17408.  Once a tack shop years ago, this building has housed many businesses since.  Tesla and I, and our neighbor Deb and her grandson, Tyler, walked down to see what the new store had to offer.  After talking to the store owner, Jenn, I asked if I could get photos of the actual mill part of the building.  She’s going to check with the owner and let me know.  I’m looking forward to what might be an interesting place to photograph!

More to come, I hope.

Photos from our walk.  ~P.

Mercury VS Signal Pole

A Mercury Mountaineer collided head-on with the signal pole at the intersection of Route 74 (Carlisle Rd) and Emigsville Road at 2:41 PM.  The impact caused the large light signal to fall into the center of Carlisle Road and the small signal became stuck, facing the ground.

The driver, an elderly man and his wife were taken by the West York Ambulance Club to the hospital.  Carlisle Road was closed on both sides for approximately an hour.  There was no word of the couples condition.

Met-Ed is on scene and the immediate intersection may remain closed for the signal light repairs.

Signal pole always wins.


Flooding in York County

Just driving 3/10 of a mile from home and the road was closed.  People just ignored the road closed sign and cones across Carlisle Road.


The basement is dry

they float


new meaning to car wash


Tee Time


Mill was built for the water to pass underneath


Coolers, gas cans, propane tanks...Oh my!


Bird Down

Bird #2


almost to the bridge

The bridge on Carlisle Road over the Little Conewago. 

Detter's Mill Bridge over The Conewago Crick...I mean creek.


My favorite Bridge #209 at Beaver Hole. 


I had to walk across a field because Bull Road to Beaver Hole was flooded.

The log was in the way


No lane bridge


Bridge 209 has serious foundation issues

I was told the bridge would be repaired this summer.  Now I think York County is just waiting for it to collapse.

Pinchot Park Boat Mooring Area


No one will be fishing from the dock

Couldn't get to the benches

 This is normally a little peninsula.

No picnics today

 Stay safe everyone….no driving through the closed roads!
It’s still raining,
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