A different kind of letter

It’s Christmas Eve day and I had two pieces of mail.  A very delayed letter from the Dept of Welfare and a copy of my lawyer’s letter to John’s lawyer.

The letter to Doug France is my lawyers attempt to get things moving along.  At this point, France may have put more time into John’s stupid filing for divorce than he did in defending the ax murder who killed the woman from Red Lion and dumped her body at Beaver Hole.  France was disappointed when the murder hung himself in jail.  Apparently France managed to get the murderer a life sentence.  More about that in my Beaver Hole blog.

So the letter requests more time for Tesla and I together, her going to art therapy and to proceed with the divorce (house appraisal, business records, debts, etc.)  The divorce information has been requested several times now.  My accountant has been hanging onto records for years now!!

Can’t wait for Christmas!


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